Sunday, December 26, 2004

life is GOOD

Guess what ?

I got an ipod Mini from the love of my life for x-mas!!! Thus, I am have been uploading my library non stop for the last 24 hours straight. :)

So what calls me to take a break of indulging in my ipod feeding frenzy ? To alert my readers that Esthero is comin out with a 6 song EP on January 11 dubbed "We R In Need of A Musical Revolution"! Check out a preview of her EP at Honey Soul. For those who don't know, please recognize because Esthero is some kind of wonderful. My favorites thus far on this EP is " This Lullaby" and "I Drive Alone"...ahhhh

Friday, December 24, 2004

it might be me...

It might be me...or the immense amounts of NyQuil I have been consuming, but doesn't Lil Jon sound a little like a pimped out austin powers? I was laying back in my papasan chair, nursing a whopping cup of green tea, lemon & honey when he came on MTV saying austins famous lines...." YYYEEAAAAHHH BAABBBYYYYY, YEEEAAAHHHH". I just had to giggle.

lil jon: a pimped out austin powers??

Merry x-mas from the mexirican rudolph

It's x-mas eve and I am sick as a dog. I have sneezed so much over the last 24 hours that my abs literally are sore and my nose is as bright red as that famous reindeer. Still, I am trying not to let it dampen my holiday spirit too much. At least I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday. Plus, no work til Monday...whoo hoo!!!!

Anyways, I hope all who read this have a blessed Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah; or whatever it is they celebrate. Much love goes out to you & yours today & always. :)

Monday, December 20, 2004

just dog eared thoughts...

My dog is such a character.

He's like a vacuum while I cook, eat or drink anything in the house. He patiently stands by and hopes (no prays) for a morsel to fall unto the floor. When they do, he pounces on it.

Like me, he also has his happy dance that he performs whenever he is so happy he can't believe his eyes. Like, when he gets a new toy or treat, he dances around it for about 30 seconds before he allows himself to enjoy it...

a few things you didn't know about me

I got this idea from thought 4 the day.

Last fight?
It's too much drama to get into specifics, but the last fight I got into (well it sorta was kinda a physical fight with hair pulling and a single punch) was when I saw my old friend who was also happens to be in love with my man and utterly hates me for being wit h him. It was at the movie theatre and I was gettign ready to walk in to see Harry Potter (the first one)...I know, DRAMA. I being the better woman, walked away from it all. Not without giving her a piece of my mind though. For more specifics you need to get me drunk.

What makes you cry?
Call me a llorona (cry baby) because there are so many things that make me cry. Pretty much anything that causes another human pain & agony. War, child abuse, poverty, Bush winning again...

Describe the moment you came closest to death.
I almost drowned once as a child on the fourth of July. I don't remember how old I was, but I since learned to swim!

Most dangerous friend?
I must be old, because none of my friends pack nines or slang crack. So, on to the next Q...

Is there anybody you miss?
First & foremost, mis abuelitos. There is so much I could have learned from them. Now gone, I wish I took the chance to back in the day.

Craziest fear?
Ever since I was a child, I always had this innate fear that my loved ones were going to die. I remember getting anxious when my parents stood out late and I guess it just stuck and multiplied to everyone else.

A food you're ashamed to admit you crave?
Cereal. I'm a fanatic. I can eat it morning, afternoon or at midnight...dry or with milk. Just bring it on.

What humbles you?
Life...and my mother.

Biggest lesson learned?
Love thyself. I spent 3/4 of my life trying to be everything to everyone. In essence, I have learned to love myself as much as I love others.

What disappoints you?
When intelligent young teenagers give up & give in to life. Even if everyone has low expectations of you, you should always high expectations for yourself. It's the only way to get anywhere in life.

Famous people you find disappointing?
J Lo, because she did not present a positive image of Latinas in the least bit. Between her collection of engagements/marriage to her flaunting her booty to just about the whole world, I just shake my head. Ok, let's not even go to the long list of reasons, just know I really tried liking her just for the fact she was a fellow boriqua and she just fell waaaayyy short.

Famous people who inspire you.
Lauryn Hill, Michael Moore, Oprah, Sade, ?uestlove from the Roots, Barack Obama (illinois representing), and Quentin Tarantino.

In the near future: To complete my masters degree, getting a kick ass (decent paying) job doing something which makes a difference in the community/world. Long term goals: I would also like to one day publish a book of my poems & short stories. Lastly, I hope to one day own a few properties so I can retire and enjoy life.

Favorite song right now.
Zap Mama's joint ft Erykah Badu...'Bandy Bandy'

Loner or social butterfly?
Mostly, I am a loner. But at times I can be a social butterfly as well. Just like the rest of you, it really depends on my mood, where I am at, and who I am with.

One book most people would be surprised you read?
Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus. I know…I'm not proud. What can I say? I was really young und utterly confused when it came to men...actually, I still am, but at least now I know a book can't explain them to me.

One movie most people would be surprised you love?
Movies...movies, movies...none come to mind. How about tv shows? Design on a Dime, Friends, Bob Squarepants, and I can't forget good ol' Tom & Jerry.

Last ten songs in your iTunes?
Blah!!! I don't use it. See below post for my rant on ipods.

bad case of ipod envy

I have been wanting to get an ipod (more specifically the green ipod mini) for months now. It's gotten to the point that at the mere sight of someone walking down the street with one, my eyes get glazed and my heart starts pounding in sheer envy. I bet more than once someone thought I was actually checking them out (HA!!) but no…its just the ipod. Even everyone at my work seems to have one ( they could have their own little ipod party there and we would be jamming for at least a month straight!!). SO, as I sit in my cube stuck in the medieval times: aka listening to yahoo radio stations and/or Sirius online, all the 'ipod'ers at work fondly trade music back and forth, discuss for hours on end about itunes, and even help each other with cool little tricks they have all learned along the way. One of my gal pals even let me borrow hers one night when I was working in the office late and all I can say is WOW!! I AM SOOO Jealous!!! I soooo want one for x-mas...I even put it on my x-mas list as number 4 ( and yes, I still make x-mas lists...HEY!! I have a family of tribal proportions so we make it easy with lists from everyone, OK?).

BUT alas, the beautiful ipod is certainly is not on my list of necessities (Damn it!!) . Since moving in alone I found that I need just about everything imaginable. I would say that kitchen ware, appliances, and furniture are more important than hours upon hours of sweet melodic music don't you? I never knew how much I depended on my microwave until I didn't have one. I even need a toaster for crying out loud...BLAH. So my chances of getting one this year are slim to nil…

But damn....a gal can still dream about getting that mini ipod right?!!! I still think fondly of that day when I can live my life to the soundtrack of my own compilation of musica direct from my ipod...and maybe...just maybe...a few of my coworkers will trade some of their life long compilations with me as well...mmmmmmm

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

home alone...dragonflypurity style

my oh my I'm on my own!!

I am only now starting to get used to living solo. It was so strange to walk into a pitch dark house after work to the sound of nothingness, even weirder to not hear the noise of the TV or people talking when I am trying to sleep at night. I finally moved in, but even still, my house is a forward progression of remodeling, constant cleaning & unpacking. Every night and weekend, me & my man conquer little projects in hope that soon, one day I can come home and just be able to RELAX for a change!!! What can I say about my house other than the fact that its ghetto fabulous to say the least, lined with the minimal amount of furniture which I have either acquired through craigslist or through generous family members and/or my boyfriend. I have mismatched curtains, and the heating system is always too hot or too cold...but, every single thing is mine damn it! And, I couldn't be happier.

Since I have moved in, I have been able to enjoy only the things living alone can offer. Dancing around the whole house in what can only be called my underthangs, cooking up mad scrumptious fixings in such quantities that it will soon be evident in my expanding waistline (mmmmm...I can cook!!! Who knew?!!!), and best of all, having crazy unadulterated sex with my sexy man anywhere and ANYHOW I damn well please without worrying about the prying ears of family & neighbors. (that...I tell you my friends, is the life)

The only thing about living by myself which kinda sucks is the fact that I can become quite lonely at times. Since my man works nights, and my dog gets really sleepy AND LAZY come 10 p.m., I often find myself staring at the wall, surfing the net, drinking one too many beers, and cleaning until I wander of to dream land.

Talking about mi perrito lindo, Taz took the move well, and is getting accustomed to his new surroundings as I type. Because there is no real backyard for him to frollick in, I have to walk him at least 2 or 3 times a day, which is both good and bad. Good, because we get to spend some quality time together and it makes me move my fat ass in the first place. Bad, because it is cold as all hell in Chicago!!! Waking up at 5:30 in the morning to face the cold winds/rain/sleet/snow is not the first thing I want on my agenda each morning, but, it's either that or clean up poop and/or pee every morning fromt he floor, so I take the earlier.

In other news, cable companies sucks. Just for the UTLRA basic cable & the internet package, I will be paying a whopping $100 a month !!!! Even worse, I don't even get HGTV, the cooking network, OR MTV2. So, I have been steadily watching The Cartoon Network, TNT, and my meager collection of DVDs to get me through the pain of it all. Spiderman 2 is quite boring after the 3rd time watching it, lemme tell you. Needless to say: I miss my satellite tv ( I am going through my fits as I type), but couldn't afford getting both satellite tv, and cable internet solo. I thought about getting DSL, but being that I don't own a land line (my cells my primary #), DSL isn't even an option. Hmmm...Does anyone know where to get a black box that actually works with Comcast ? I don't need PPV, just HBO , HGTV, and MTV2 would be nice. Hee hee.

To end this post on a positive note: here's just a few things that kick ass about my new neighborhood: It's quiet and my neighbors are nice. Also, there are Christmas decorations and lights all around my block which really add a nice touch at night. Also, within a few mere blocks of mi casa there are a Target, Jewels food store, 24 hour X Sport gym, and a huge ass park to walk my dog!!! But the best of the best is the fact that there is a Mexican bakery/factory a mere block and a half away. So for sleepy, cranky mornings, I can wake up to the deliciouso scent of pan dulce and cinnamon churros as I walk my dog down the block...mmmmmmm...yummy.

Peace & love.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

another chicago x-mas tree pic

the tree from a few feet away..pretty ain't it ?

state street shopping, girls night out style

Hi all. Every once and a while all the women of the family get together for a night on the town. Tonight we went to downtown chicago for hours filled of christmas shopping, giggling, and just enjoying the sights of State Street, including the Windows at /marshall Fields and the tree at Daley Plaza. Below is a pic of a few of us at the foot of Chicago's x-mas tree which is not as big as the one in New york but is big enough to make us look like ants.

from right to left: me, cousin Dee, titi carmen & Titi Jenny

Friday, December 10, 2004

i'm back!!!

3 posts in one day...I am back!!!

Just saw an ad in the Chicago Reader for Budweiser B to the E: a beer with caffeine, Guarana, and Ginseng additives in it...YUCK!!! What the fuck are they smoking that would make them think the average beer drinker would want to drink that funky concotion? I bull is one thing mixed in drinks...but that stuff in beer? Excuse me while I puke...

It's beer....but with something extra.... ugh....

why didn't anyone tell me it's decemeber?

I just can't believe it's x-mas time again (where does all this time go ?). With x-mas a mere 2 weeks away, I can't be any less in the x-mas spirit. I haven't even started my x-mas shopping and I got a huge family man (I'm talking tribal proportions)!! I definitely going to have to make some sort of effort to hit the malls this weekend, as I also adopted two 2nd grade needy children for x-mas and have to drop their gifts off at their school by this coming Thursday. Adopting kids for x-mas has become a wonderful and heartfelt dragonflypurity tradition, this being the third consecutive year I have adopted children for x-mas. Anyhow, I was reading their wish list/Santa letter last week and actually had to research what some of it was (cuz being the viejita I am, I had no clue what's hot nowadays).

I mean who REALLY knows what a Yu Gi Oh duel disc looks like that doesn't have shorties?

new tea cup wisdom quote

Note the kick ass quote just added to the tea cup wisdom section of my blog, compliments of a drunk friend. I loved it so much that I had to put it up.

Friday, December 03, 2004

behold..the parking vulture

I am not afraid to admit it (matter of fact I say it quite proud!): I am a vulture when it comes to parking my car.

Every Monday- Friday morning at 8:05 (without fail), I pull my rickety old toyota onto the South 500 block of Green street to patiently await for a parking space to open up. Some days I wait a mere five minutes, while others I have waited up to 30 minutes to land a spot. Why so long you ask? Well, partly because I am too cheap to pay $10 a day to the hornball parking attendant by my office who views himself as a greek god (picture: a short, greek, balding midget with a goatee and a huge sexual drive)....but mostly because I found a good thing!! Now...the 15 people I work with are always looking for parking around our office, most of them failing to find any whatsoever (sometimes taking up to an hour) and ending up having to shell out $50 a week for a space anyhow. BUT I...I scoped out the perfect block, only a block and a half away, lined with 3 condo associations, which of course are all filled with tenants who leave their cozy little condos at the exact time I am looking for parking in the a.m. hours. When I tell people at the offide that I found parking a mere block and a half away (day after day), they ask me where my secret lies. (to which I reply..."I'm V.I.P. BABY!!!") hee hee... they will never get it out of me!!! Unless, of course, they read this, but...nah....

Now that I found my little parking haven, I finally realize my mom was right all those years: patience is SUCH a virtue. Not only do I have the luxury of driving to and from work every day, I can find convenient parking in a very congested area in very close proximity of my job, I do not have to worry about the added expense of public transportation, and to boot, while I wait, I can listen to my jams and catch up on the reading & writing that I have been lacking.

And did I mention? It's Friday and my honey & I just completed one of the bathrooms to my money pit, creating a model-like mosaic masterpiece of blue and white. Things are looking up & life is great!! Ciao.