Tuesday, May 31, 2005

world no tobacco day

no smokey smokey today...

May 31 marks yet another obscure holiday...“world no tobacco day”. Well, maybe its not THAT obscure, as its a serious health issue across the board. Thousands of people from both third world countries and larger nations alike die from tobacco use (or shall I say abuse) daily. And that number will soon outnumber HIV! WOW…

Have I ever said that I hate the smell of cigarettes before? Well, I do. Now, it really doesn't stop me from smoking, because I am a smoker - but the actual stench is sickening. I actually go out of my way to rid myself of the smell. Equipped with Febreze, Purell hand sanitizer, and kick ass lotion, I ritualistically wipe the smell clean.

Yet again, I am digressing...Staying with the whole NO tobacco mindset, I read this article which both disgusted and angered me. The article was regarding a report stating that tobacco companies targeted female smokers via attempting to market an image that cigarettes could give women the ability to puff their way into a better life. Furthermore, after massive research into women’s smoking habits, tobacco companies proclaimed that smoking helped women overcome neuroticism. The report stated, and I quote, "We can safely conclude that the strength of cigarettes that are purchased by women is related to their degree of neuroticism,". WTF? What kind of twisted sexist crap is that ? Why are the reasons women smoke any different than men who do the same ? The reason I may smoke hard-core Newports as opposed to the girly Virginia Slims makes me somehow disturbed? Hmmppt.

The icing on the cake was the tobacco companies play on womens’ low body image and dieting habits. They proposed to snag the market by offering cigarettes in "unique flavors that decreases a smoker's appetite, including brandy, chocolate, chocolate mint, cinnamon, spearmint and honey." Even though this never went into production, their efforts to sway the women market are questioned when you take into account the steep rise in women’s smoking habits over the last decade. While men’s are slowly decreasing, women habits are rising…

Needless to say, the whole thing got me peeved and only provided further evidence that tobacco companies are part of one of the most scandalous industries in the whole world. It's just horrible that my hard working cash is being given to Satan’s spawn due to my habit.

Realistically speaking, aren't the tobacco companies THE legalized and glorified drug pushers in this country ? Aside from pharmaceutical companies that is (but that's another post all together)...

peace & love this "no tobacco day" to all.

the newest in yoga fashion!

how cool is that ?!!

I just discovered "Yoga Paws", a nifty idea for the yoga minded individuals of the world. Who needs a yoga mat that you have to lug around on your back or arm, when you get the same benefits from strapping on yoga mat type gloves and slippers? It offers the same grip and comfort, without the need for stanky mat...the yoga junkie in me is doing cartwheels!!

Monday, May 30, 2005

what star wars character are you ?

damn! I was secretly hoping I would be Master Yoda....

Friday, May 27, 2005

jam packed months...

Do you realize each month is full of obscure holidays, celebrations, tributes, and awareness type holidays ? Its amazing but from just 10 minutes of web searching I found May was the home for the following:

~Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Thats pretty self explanatory don't you think ?
~National Bike Month Talk about a good Karma holiday! Nix the car and public transit by riding your bike to work. On the plus side, you help the environment in the process
~ National Masturbation Month Hurry up! You only have a few more days to celebrate this one!
~National Mental Health Month Ode to pills, shrinks, great girlfriends, and Breyers ice cream
~ Better Hearing and Speech Month Not that you need a special occasion to do so, but now is a good time as any to clean those earholes out.
~Older Americans Month Spread the love and hug the abuelitos
~Better Sleep Month I will celebrate this tomorrow by rolling up in my blanket like a torilla and just ...zzzzz....
~Consumer Product Safety Month OH! NO! check for those recalls now...
~Correct Posture Month As I type this, I'm hunched down not to let coworkers see my "work"...oh well.
~ National Foster Care Month There are so many kids in need of a loving home, so say a prayer for the little ones.
~Healthy Vision Month Get them eyeballs checked, enough said
~National Arthritis Month This is usually the time of year where the killer arthritis in my hands stops acting up, so IT IS cause for celebration!!
~Victims of Pornography Month I mean, victim meaning someone who got banged in the bottom a lil too hard ?! OHH, POOR BABY!!! Come on now! umm....I thought this one was kinda lame (with the exception of the child porn of course).
~Hepatitis Awareness Month I don't know what to say to this one, but the marketing nerd in me envisions Pamela Anderson as the public spokesperson!!
~National Stroke Awareness Month Just my opinion, but this should be in conjunction to Older American Month, shouldn't it?
~Motorcycle Awareness Month I think I speak for alot of ladies out there when I say "BE CAREFUL ON THAT MOTOTRCYCLE, YOU FOOL!!" and "WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLE DRIVERS ON THE ROAD, YOU BULLY!!" to all.

With so many awareness type holidays, who can embellish on them all in the allotted one month? Maybe, for me, I will embellish in only the fun ones...like the masturbation or better sleep one.

Hmmm...I wonder what holidays June has in store ?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

blogs of interest

PostSecret Sample

The following blogs have kept me busy the last few hours. If you have a chance, check them out!

PostSecret - A sometimes disturbing blog where people mail postcards with their deepest, darkest secrets. Some are funny & creative as well.

2000days - Everyday Felicia posts a random question, which usually sparks ideas, debates, and introspection

Sexkitten - Ohh la la - just what it implies, this woman is candid about sex, relationships, and all the complexities between the sexes.

hump day's are just more fun

Happy hump day ya'll! It's Wednesday and despite only 4 hours of sleep last night, I am smiling like I just won the lotto (chalk it up to a heaping serving of Bustelo Cafe and a food comatose kicking in).

This morning I ATE GOOD!!! One of my friends/coworkers last day is on Friday, so a few of us met at Wishbone for a delectable breakfast before heading into the office. And "mmm..mmm..good" it was! For those in Chicago, don't sleep on this spot. Their crunchy french toast is heaven sent....mmm mmmm mmm. I will be dreaming about it for the next week it was THAT delicious.

In other news, it looks like my job situation is improving. I just got word that while they are eliminating my position, we will be moved to a newly created position, with more pay and a different title. Things are still a little uneasy here, but the news has lifted the weight off my chest at least a little bit. Due to all the uncertainty about our future, I am still undecided in if I am going to stay or continue looking for another job. I am trying to just go with the wind for now and not let any options pass me by.

Anyhow, Peace, love, and crunchy french toast to you all!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

keyword analysis unveiled

Every once in a while, I check out my blog’s stats. When I do, I always get such a trip out of reading my keyword stats. It never ceases to amaze me how people come across my site.

Below are the highlights of the last 24 hours worth of visitors and my initial thoughts about them.

~namaste tattoo (obviously, I'm not the only one with this idea)
~sexual education news clip (hmmm...I still can't remember talking about this EVER on this blog
~yard sale duties template (again...no clue)
~meaning of boriqua (WTF? BORIQUA - Puerto RICAN you genius!!!)
~humor get over an ex (hmm…maybe the syntax came from one of my poems ?)
~sirius blanket weed killer (huh? I dunno but try weed be gone…that’s some good stuff)
~tipping point of the poncho in fashion (ugh...ponchos, let me not even go there today)
~my dog drinks green tea (hee hee...your dog rocks!)
~olive garden sangrias (yum yum...their peach sangria is best)
~win an ipod mini every 30 minutes tricks (wow..when you figure it out, lemme know)
~mtv2 commercials kill the couch (ahhhh….reminiscent of my lazy vacation at home)
~poems of discrimation or racism (yup yup, thats me!!)
~quiznos rat clip ( CORRECTION: they are pygmy marmosets in those commercials!!)
~complex simplicity blog (wow...someone actually came across it on purpose!)
~tattoo namaste (again....tattoo biters!)
~gordito in puerto rican culture (gordito...gordito..)
~garfield hip walkthrough (I have NO clue what the hell that means so next please)
~gloria chen shoes (those are THE MOST uncomfortable…but sexy...shoes I own)
~in this great future you can't forget your past and meaning (I can see this person is not a Bob Marley fan or else he/she wouldn’t even ask that stupid question)
~puerto rican swear words and profanities (look this up, Maricon!!!)
~mp3 charka (hmmm...maybe it was a misspelling on my part ? I think i was trying to say chakra...)
~when does twista's new cd comes out (hell if I know...but go cop Common's new cd...it came out today!)
~cleaning stoves (I still say self cleaning stoves suck ass)
~pygmy marmosets for sale (ahh....the Quizo’s commercial returned)
~puerto rican big pussy (ugh...fucken pervert...go jag off somewhere else!)
~unveiling secret abortion months later (ohhh...as I said, interesting shit here!)
~chinese astrology is bullshit (ok ok...maybe it is, but then again, isn't all astrology?)
~cereal cafe (yum yum...I don't think its opened yet in Chicago...but it reminds me, I gotta check)
~tax cd baby ( cd baby is the most awesome cd store for the underground shit!)
~what does the merengue symbolize (huh?)
~kick ass quote (see tea cup wisdom quote)
~cafe bustelo (again....its the most wonderful coffee on the planet...like heroin I tell you)

That is all...

may the force be with you...

Yesterday I saw "Star Wars III: Return of the Sith" and I must say I was pretty impressed. Sure, the movie was slow in some parts, but for the most part, I feel it was captivating and well thought out.

For some reason, I thought Anakin's reason for going to the Dark side would be more complex. Turns out, it was all for love. The old adage rings true time and time again: love is blind. It makes you do things you never thought you'd do.

After it was all said and done and Darth Vader made his appearance in his notorious costume, I really felt bad for the kid. After his failed attempt in trying to save the only thing he really loved, turns out he went to the dark side for nothing.

Now I am on this Star Wars kick, as my Netflix Que is filled with all the episodes of Star Wars. I intend to see them all in succession. Hee hee. Just label me nerd.

Friday, May 20, 2005

keep on moving

Sorry I haven't written in a long while, however, life has been one hell ride after another lately. Rest assured, I am not letting it get the best of me, as I am keeping positive and have high hopes for the summer.

Some tid bits of my frantic life:

~ The heat is on! I FINALY rented my main unit. whoo hoo. Now, that $1050 will certainly help with the bills
~ When trying to put yourself back together from a messed up week, nothing beats a long lunchtime shopping spree at Nordstrom Rack & Carson’s, topped off with a strawberry shake with extra whipped cream!!
~ There’s no guarantee that I will still have a job at my present company this summer:( People are quitting and getting laid off with a quickness. On the bright side...if I do get laid off, I plan to enjoy my severance package & summer to the FULLEST.
~ I'm addicted to adult swim and Netflix online. Every night I watch cartoons or movies til my eyes are too heavy to stay open
~ I am getting over the initial guilt of getting my dog neutered. While I know its better for him in the long run, it feels like I ripped an integral part of his existence away from him. As he licks the remnants of his balls, he gives me those dog eyes...like "how dare you?!! I'm officially a bitch now"
~ Other indulgences: getting back to my roots by dying my hair to my natural shade of brown, re enrolling in my kick ass yoga class, eating my moms homemade food (yum), and last but not least, two words: quality time (even if its just sleeping on my b.f.’s lap as we watch tv into the night).

Overall, life is good and I know its only going to get better. Til then, I will keep on trucking!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

new tea cup wisdom quote

Compliments of the fortune cookie I ate last night...


life is one step forward and two steps back...While I just finished renovating my first unit (that's the the one step forward part),

I just find out that my company is eliminating my position (for those who don't know, that's two steps back). Because of my high quality of work, my boss said they MAY find another higher paying position for me, but thats not a guarantee. So, worst case scenario I will be out of a job by next month, or best case: by the end of the summer if they don't place me somewhere else. They are saying that I would make a perfect fit for this "other" position, BUT I am not waiting around for them to make up their mind. I have bills to pay and goals to accomplish. Thus, I sent out resumes like a crazy woman last night in a frenzy of speed typing and chain smoking.

I am trying to stay positive. Positive in, positive out my mother used to always say...