Friday, June 23, 2006


In love...
I take you in
With eyes and heart aflame
Your essence
Engulfs me
We are one and the same
In love...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

mantra of the day: positivity is a way of life (ohhmmm)

I realized something last night (yet again). Despite my best attempts at being positive, I'm physically & psychologically drained, tired and cranky all the damn time. Subconsciously I know life is too short to be any of things for long...and truthfully, compared to many others in the world -my life is a cakewalk. It's amazing how the hum drum of life can drag you down. It's an internal struggle I have found myself grappling with for quite a while.

But, as they say...negative in...negative out. So today, I sparked an internal change (once again) to manifest positivity into my life in small ways. (Hopefully) one day it will be instinctive as opposed to conscious actions. But in the meanwhile, I shall consciously appreciate and enjoy the small things in life that REALLY matter. Stuff like: the warm feeling I get inside when my boyfriend clings to me in the middle of the night. Or, how wonderful it is to come home to the happiest dog in the world who just couldn't wait for me to come walking through that door so he can land a kiss on me.

I will try not to sweat the spilled milk of my life. Instead, I will cherish the wonder that is my journey. And in doing so, today I reverberate my mantra: positivity is a way of life (ohhhmmmm)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

stick a fork in me...i'm done !

It's 4:30 p.m. and I refuse to do another lick of work. What can I say other than it's been a long day and I've accomplished so much that working any more would prove to be the equivalent of overtime to me. That being said, lemme say that it's truly surprising to me after carefully staring at spreadsheets ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for the past few years that:

(1) I am not cross eyed
(2) my eyesight IS NOT so bad that I can be declared legally blind
(3) My chair here at the office doesn't have a permanent butt print in it

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

hotter than hell...

Today I check Tom Skilling's 7 day forecast - only to find that it was an astounding 8,282 degrees out today in Chicago. HAH!

help me, I'm melting!!!

(the sad thing is that this was the highlight of my morning)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6.6.6 ~ the day my car was possessed ~

Anyone know a good priest which can do an exorcism on a car ? My 96 corolla was possessed this morning, I tell you! Here's the scoop: for a while now, my car has been giving me problems starting; yet no one could figure out why. This morning, I meagerly attempted to start my car, only for it to stick up it's middle finger to me for a good minute and a half. When I do finally start it, it sputters before turning over. So, finally it starts (yay!), but as I drive it a few feet I notice it sounds strange, so I pull over to park it.

Here's where it starts to get strange: the first thing I do is take out the key out of the ignition, right? AND GET THIS: THE CAR WOULDN'T TURN OFF!! The key is sitting in my lap and the engine is still on!!! So I did what any person in their right mind would: I started freaking out, calling to wake up my boyfriend to explain what was going on. Lo and behold, when I go to open the hood, the engine is going and all the little belts and such are flowing...all without a key in the ignition. That's when the smoke started coming out of the engine like it was on fire. It was horrible! Between waiting for a tow truck and taking it to the shop then hitching a ride from the boyfriend, my possessed car made me over 2 and a half hours late for work. Hopefully, my car is still salvageable and I pray that the mechanic doesn't screw me over like so many tend to do.

I did luck out in one aspect, though...a nice man felt sorry for me as he drove past, so he stopped to help me out in the heat of it all. Turns out he owns a towing company in Chicago and he only charged me $50 for a tow across town!!! I guess it pays to be stranded in a pretty skirt, doesn't it ? (smile)