Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ching..ching...hear that ?

It's the sounds of our great grandchildren’s bank accounts being ripped of their last bit of change....Is it me or is this request just plain ridiculous?

Someone should hit Bush in his fat lips for wanting more of our precious taxpayer $$ to use in pursuit of a fruitless war.

Don't you think that our money would be better utilized in helping instead of destroying? Something...oh...like helping the homeless, the tsunami victims, or AIDS efforts worldwide?

What has this nation come to ?!!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

'we are family' turned fanatical

Can somebody tell Dr. Jame Dobson to keep his fanatical, twisted views to himself and to leave Sponge Bob lovin' little kids (as well as adults much like myself) THE HELL alone ? Wasn't he the same guy that accused the telletubbies of the same thing ?? All I can say is: Sponge Bob is not gay, and even if he is, it's nobody's freggin' business except his and his boy, Patrick anyway. There are no more words which I can write for this without making a thesis out of this topic, but I did happen to read this column and feel it pretty much summarizes it all.

Article: SpongeBob caught in a squeeze play

my bad!!

Time flies faster than I can handle nowadays. It's already almost a month into 2005 and I have yet to post anything to my beloved blog. My BAD!!! Not that anything spectacular has happened noteworthy in my life. It's been...uneventful and quiet to say the least.

I rang in the new year with a raging flu bout which developed into a debilitating sinus infection. Thus, there was no amount of drinking or partying for me on NYE 2004. Instead, it was a quiet nite for me, my honey & my doggy- camped out on my comfy couch watching t.v.

As for new year resolutions, if you know me at all, you know I do not make resolutions per se. I don't commit to strict diet or workout regimes or unrealistic goals which most likely will flop a mere 3 weeks into the new year; Instead, I just set my hopes for a year ahead of happiness. After all, that’s all that really matters: happiness. Not $$, not weight distribution, etc. etc

Anyhow, I have been keeping up with fixing my house and am desperately looking for renters for my recently rehabbed 3 BR house. Any takers? hee hee...

What sucks most about being a landlord is having to find a tenant in midst of the coldest months of the year in Chicago. Matter of fact, just this weekend it snowed a good 2 feet in a period of under 24 hours !!! The second most horrible thing about being a landlord is the immense amount of shoveling you have to do. I shoveled so much this weekend I'll be sore for days to come...OUCH!!! And I must say, watching me shovel 2 feet of snow is a sad, SAD, SAD feat to say the least! hee hee. If I wasn't so broke I would run to the local Home Depot to buy me a snow blower. ‘Til I win the lotto though, I will have to settle for my handy dandy shovel & some sore muscles.