Thursday, February 24, 2005

cereal in a whole new light

get your spoons, two, three...go!!!

Every morning while getting ready for work, I turn on the news to get the weather, traffic, and any other blurb that stands out amongst the overabundance of mind numbing recounts of murders, accidents, and rapings in the Chi town area. This morning I heard a report about a new cafe in the works (near my work..whoo hoo) which sounded so refreshing and delicious that I had to share with it the world.

Concept: A cereal lovers delight!!! Picture this: a cereal cafe featuring over 30 cereals, dozens of toppings, home made breakfast bars, smoothies (with just a hint of cereal in them), scrumptious parfaits...all custom made with your imagination as the limit. You can mix and match your favorite cereals, add whatever creative toppings you can think of, and add as much milk as you want - all served in those nifty Chinese food containers. hmmmm...I wonder if chocolate milk is an option?

Being the cereal lover I am, you know I am awaiting that precious day when it opens just to be one of the first to try it out. Not that a trip down there would be an every day excursion for me or that it would become one of my favorite restaurants of all time, but I think the idea of a cereal cafe is refreshingly exciting and I just can't wait to mix my Captain Crunch and Frosted Flakes together, adding fresh strawberries and a touch of almonds!! Don't judge & don't hate! It may sound like a weird concoction to you; but to me, it's a dream come true. And that's what this concept cafe is all about right?

I don't know about you, but me & cereal go way back to watching The Smurfs and Tom & Jerry on Saturday mornings when I was a shorty. So, Yum Yum!!! It's time for me to bust out my spoon and get ready for Cereality! And I'm not just talking about eating there at breakfast time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

you gotta spoil yourself sometime

I'm not rich by any means, but there are a few things which I will spend an extra buck or so on...for example: Charmin Ultra Toilet paper and Breyers ice cream.

oh yeah, thats the stuff

I mean really, I think everybody should be able to opt for the fancy tissue no matter how poor they are. It's so worth it. Those bears in the commercials really know what they are talking about; Charmin lasts so much longer than any other brand (at least to me). Being that I am so lazy and avoid changing the toilet roll til the very last second, that extra time really makes the difference with me. Plus, it's so much softer than Angel Soft - which by the deceiving name drew me in a time or two but NO MORE. I mean you would think by the name that Angel Soft would be so much softer than Charmin, but Angel Soft is like sandpaper in comparison. What can I say? I am forever a Charmin Ultra roll gal.

And Breyers...oh what can I say about Breyers except it is the best ice cream in the whole world. However, due to budgetary constraints, I only allow myself to indulge on certain occasions (i.e. PMS time and landing those buy one get one free sales at the local Jewels or Domincks store). Every ice cream Breyers make is all natural. I'm talking milk, cream, sugar, fruits, etc. YUM YUM!!! I even found a NEW FLAVOR, linking my favorite ice cream (natural vanilla) with my other favorite treat (chocolate covered almonds)...ohhh sheer delight. Better than an orgasm I tell you. But shhh... don't tell my boyfriend. ;)

It truly is the little things in life that really make you the happiest and feel rich beyond compare, isn't it ?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

some days I sit and wish I was a kid again...

This morning while walking mi perrito lindo, I walked past the elemantary school down my block and saw two straight lines of exhuberantly excited children (about 6th grade I believe) getting on a school bus. Eager and anxious to leave school on a field trip, their eyes aglow, happy to get away from Math & US History if just for the day. They were happily chattering and laughing in such a way that made me remember my fond field trip days. As I walked away I couldn't help but wonder where they were off to, remebering all my field trips: the zoo, the state capital, a Shakespeare play, or my favorites of all time: The Museum of Science and Industry and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Maybe I will throw some Ahmad on my ipod and reminisce of the "back in days" as I drift of to sleep.

snapshot of love

Love is not storybook romance
It’s you snoring beside me
Eyes closed
Dick hard
As I trace my fingers around your chin
Your lips turn up like a child
Unconsciously telling me you sense my presence
My love engulfing you even in dream state
A picture perfect moment in time
I will never forget
And you will never remember

fleeting time weaves its little web around me

It's getting late but I am attempting to enjoy what is left of my 5 day mini vacation away from my job. I just refuse to go to bed early lest I lose some valuable R&R time. It’s not an official vacation by any means: not like I am sitting on the beach in Jamaica drinking a frosty drink watching the tide roll in OR roaming the streets of Paris taking the sights. Instead, I have been at home the last few days enjoying the more simple things in life. You know, doing all the things that always seem to escape me during the daily grind of life…like going to the local library to score some good reads, working on my house doing by doing some painting, tiling, and grouting. Not to mention, I've been sleeping in late(yeah!), reading til every last page of my new book, Witch Child,was gone (by the way, I highly recommend it to one and all). Last but certainly not least, I actually have had time to play with my dog til we both collapse with sweet exhaustion, and watch independent movies til the break of dawn. This weekend alone I watched City of God, Maria Full of Grace, and a Day Without a Mexican...all wonderful movies which were tres magnifique.

Only one more tantalizing day of R&R left before I must return back to the corporate world on Thursday. Oh, if only I could just become one with my couch a few more days...ah the life.

Friday, February 11, 2005

sometimes all you need is a good cry

Times have been hard for me lately. No need to get into specifics, but last night it all hit me like a gong as I lay in bed. I gave in to deep sobs and just let my tears just flow freely for a good 10 minutes. Before I knew it, I drifted off into the deepest, most relaxing sleep I have ever had. This morning, I awoke refreshed and happy as can be.

Just goes to show ya, even though they say laughter is the best medicine, you can't forget about letting it all out with tears too...

Thank god its FRIDAY!! whoo hoo.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

this is me bored

Today I have been on fire at work; solving major company wide problems, breezing through paperwork, showing up the ignorant man who got my job (can you hear the embittered tone emanating in my words?), and even helping out fellow coworkers with their issues with management. I've done so much already that here I am 3/4 through the day bored and ready for a nice long nap. Not wanting to start snoring in my cube on the floor I did the usual: checked email, ebayed, craigslisted, freecycled, and searched the news...when I realized it was Groundhog Day.

While this holiday gets nationwide attention and even has a movie named after it (the movie which by the way, unlike the holiday, is KICK ass), I had absolutely no idea where the actual holiday originated from...SO, Being the NeRd that I am, I decided to research the origins of this holiday in hopes of finding the rationale behind leaving complicated weather streams and predictions to an rat like animal with only a 39% accuracy rate over the last 118 years.

As it turns out, Hebrew tradition required mothers to be purified in the temple 40 days after giving birth to their offspring. If you bust out your mental calculators you will see February 2nd (aka groundhog day) falls exactly 40 days after x-mas, officially marking the day of the purification of the Virgin Mary. Proof exists that state the lighting of candles was part of the purification celebration and resulted in the celebration later being called Candlemas, a festival of lights and the return of spring.

So, how does this relate to the groundhog? Well, supposedly, popular folk tales said “If Candlemas be fair and bright, Winter has another flight. If Candlemas brings clouds and rain, Winter will not come again.”

So there you have it folks: a holiday with semi religious connotations reduced to.....a day where all come out to watch a fat rat like creature come out of his hole to predict the weather. All I can say is hmmm...and blah. Mary would be rolling in her grave in shame.

February 2nd's star !!