Friday, August 21, 2009

no they didn't...

OH YES, they did! Yesterday while perusing the television channels, I stopped channel surfing to stare in horror at the "Special Edition" Chia Obama head on TV. At first I thought it was a joke; like a MadTv spoof. But alas, they are selling this as a real be diplayed proudly on your desk or at home...phhtt! The sad thing is that this product probably is flying off the shelves.

It's a sad, sad day in this country when our president has been dubbed a Chia Pet. A sad day indeed.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

return from the dead

It's been 8 months since I last wrote...and what an 8 month's its been.

~I've gotten a new job at a kick ass non-profit that trains and certifies teachers, preparing them to work at "high-needs" schools at CPS. I work hard, but I feel like I am really doing what I was meant to do with my life. The only drawback is that they block all the fun websites: facebook, youtube, flickr, anything blog related, etc. I am still going through withdrawals.

~ I am FINALLY this close -->[ ] to finishing my coursework for my masters degree. It's been 2.5 grueling years but I have just one more quarter to go. Now, I have to get to that thesis!

~I have gone from planning a destination wedding, to an outdoor wedding here in Chicago, to saying "F@ck it...let's elope to the keys and just do it!!" Big weddings complete with elaborate color schemes and the whole white dress thing just isn't for
me. Plus, I couldn't rationalize spending so much money on one day...I just couldn't. We are getting hitched on our 7 year anniversary at sunset on the beach...nice :)

~ After 5 long years, I finally moved out of the ghetto! Me & the honey bought a new house and finally moved in together this past November. It's been a long time coming and while our place does need a lil work, it has a huge backyard with a enormous deck ....I love it. Plus, I finally have grown up more jacked up futons for me! Whoo hoo...the biggest disagreement we have had is over a painting. I wanted to get a huge Frida Kahlo painting to put over our couch and he didn't want the boobs to be the first thing people see when they come in..I say..who looks at this picture an thinks of boobs??!! Am I right??

~ Last but certainly not least, this past November, I was actually proud of this country for the first time in almost a decade...Our country has gone to shit, and I sincerely hope Barack can step up to the challenge and live up to his expectations.

The last year has been extremely hectic for me. I have constantly found myself with less and less time to do everything I had to do. Actually, this is the first weekend in recent memory where I am NOT running around with errands and a long ass to-do list which seemingly never-ends. In addition, its been one COLD and SNOWY winter here in Chicago. But I wake up today to 50 degree weather and a glass of tea, and I feel great and just high on life. There's nothing like being a lazy bum every once in a while. AHHH..that's the life!