Friday, August 27, 2004

new quote!

I know you all have been craving a newly updated Tea Cup Wisdom enjoy ;)

Einstein was the man...

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

toe wedgies...

I honestly have to say one of the worst feelings in the world is having a toe wedgie. You know what I'm talking about...when your sock, nylons, or whatever gets caught in between your toes in the midst of your busy day. I HAAAATTTEEE that feeling with every atom in my being. In my book, it's so much worse than regular wedgies, simply because at least regular wedgies are somewhat accessible and easily remedied. Just face opposite a wall (away from prying eyes) and unstick the invading undies...and WA LA! Relief. BUT, toe wedgies are a more complicated beast. To relieve yourself requires a bit more finesse to go by undetected to the outside world. You can try to strategically wiggle your toes way to freedom. You can even try tugging at the top portion of your socks or nylons to persuade the invading material from your toes grasps. But, these tactics are no guarantee against the mighty toe wedgie...and like it or not, they can take quite a while because you can't put your fingers on it. Being that I hate them so much, I find the only surefire quick remedy is running to the bathroom (or hiding under my desk) to take off my shoes to unstick my poor lil toes. Well, today I had to do that a whopping 5 times. That being the case, I think it’s about time to retire those socks I was wearing today. Urg…Can I get a witness?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

life is a vampire...

Life's been so hectic, I feel like a vampire has drained me of all energy. Between working 10 hour days and taking care of the baby dog in my spare time so my honey can take a nap before his second job, I haven’t even got laid !! I will skip the gruesome details of my withdrawal symptoms and the occasional bitch coming out at me due to lack of the constant supply of loving. Suffice to say that I'm a born again virgin!!!

On the job front - life is great (despite the long and grueling hours). I love my coworkers, I love the purpose of the company and I love the fact that my hard work is the beginning of what will definitely make a difference in the lives of the inner city children of Chitown. Its such a breath of fresh air from Marketing I.T. In fact, I am leaving on my first out of town business trip on Sept. 7 to Dallas TX for software training. I'm all geeked to see Dallas, even if its just for a few hours. Its the day after Labor day so I don't know the logistics of the trip just yet (I just found out less than 2 hours ago). Look forward to lots of pics (I hope)!!!

My new doggie is a terror, even though he’s so damn cute. He's a stubborn and viscous little thing, barking and biting on his bad days and sleeping and being calm on his good days (kinda like me...just more of an animal). hee hee. Even though he is a handful now, I am truly hoping that he grows out of his fits sooner or later. Actually, this coming Saturday I am taking him to his doggie obedience school orientation, which hopefully will help. JUST IN CASE THERE ARE DOG LOVERS OR EXPERTS OUT THERE READING THIS: Does anyone know how to train a puppy not to bite? I know he is still kinda teething, but its pretty painful with his long ass teeth. We are trying the "OUCH!!" approach, screaming OOOUUCHHH" whenever he bites to show how he hurt us, then slowly walk away and show him no attention for like 5 minutes. We also tried gently hitting him on the nose whenever he bites. I even tried not giving him attention at all when he gets like that, but he's as stubborn and hard headed as I am. As I type, he’s nibbling on the sofa....blah. Lets just throw him a teething toy and see if that helps...YEAH! At least a few more minutes of privacy for me.

What else am I missing? Oh yeah. Everyone’s talking about the Olympics...what more can I say about it other than: damn!! I hate the Olympics; its boring, tv monopolizing, and I'm damn well tired of reading and hearing about it everywhere I go. Don't get me wrong, I have mad love for all the talented individuals out there doing their thing, but sitting there agonizing and totally engrossing yourself in every event is just not my thing. In fact, just sitting there for a few minutes watching the games makes me sleepy. BUT, The one thing I did happen to unintentionally catch was the last quarter of the Puerto Rico / USA basketball game over the weekend. During that game, the Boriqua in me came out and I was straight rooting for all the jibaros representing on the floor. I know puerto ricans everywhere were rejoicing just for that one chance to stick it to the man for all the years of injustice bestowed upon them. YEAH!!! I'm such a rebel !

well...i must go. my doggy needs to take a leak and Im not trying to tempt fate and end up spending the rest of my evening mopping the floor. Peace & love.

Monday, August 16, 2004

the grand 'ole CTA

Because I worked in the suburbs for the last few years, I became overly accustomed to driving to and from work to get around. But, since my new gig is located in the heart of downtown, I now find myself among the thousand of Chicagoans that hitch a ride on the grand old CTA subway every day. It's only been a week or so since I have been CTA-ing it, but I am sooo loving the fact I can just space out at any given notice without worrying about getting side swiped or flicked off by some demented driver beside me (plus, there’s no stinking state troopers to pull me over!!). In fact, I never realized how cranky driving really made me until this morning.

And, I almost forgot how many freaks/cool people take the train. The worst of the bunch are the freaks and weirdoes, who scream, shout, and holla at…oh lets just say, the empty seat beside them and pretty much anyone who will listen to their blabber. And of course, threes the occasional stinky pit person who just happens to be reaching above you long enough to make you want to puke right on their shoes. Then, of course, there’s the loud mouth person on the train talking on their cells spreading their business to everyone within earshot.

But, CTA riders are as diverse as the city itself. Needless to say: there’s also the cool peeps too, with pink hair and body piercing, clamored in Anti-Bush pins with rolled up artwork under their arms. It’s funny watching them all interact, or, in most cases, try so hard not to interact with each other - all while packed like sardines inside the train car.

In the morning, about 1/3 of the peeps on the CTA Blue line are asleep, with the other 2/3 eagerly reading a book, magazine, etc, or listening to music - with a small percentage just staring out to space BORED. OHHH, I really wish I could be one of those readers, diving into a dream world inside a book to and from work just like the good old days. But, somehow along the way, I have developed a serious case of motion sickness. All it takes is just 5 minutes of reading on the train to make me want to blow chunks into tomorrow night.

Therefore, since I cannot read, I just listen to my nifty mp3 player and just people watch...while I relax and not worry about traffic or cops pulling me over. As long as I just steer clear of stinky pit man, loud mouth cell phone woman, and the crazies, I think I will be fine: taking the CTA to & from work is really starting to grow on me.

Ahhh, the wonderment of public transportation.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

I must be driving around with a bullseye on my arse

just paint a target on my ass & this would be me !!

I swear there must be some kind of invisible bullseye on my poor baby of a ride cuz it keeps getting broken into. On the average, my car has been broken into about 2 times a year for the last 3 years. Each time its been violated in the past it was at different locations and each time something of utmost value has been taken from me (i.e. my $300 radio(s) and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of music). They just know when to get me it seems!

This time, the losers broke my window with a huge rock almost the size of my head to break in. I KID YOU NOT, it was a good 5 to 8 pounds heavy. At first sight I thought it was just an act of vandalism because there is really nothing of value to take: after all, my radio faceplate is carried with me everywhere and nothing seemed to be missing. Even the few cds that I now carry in my car escaped their grasps unscathed. After doing a quick inventory check, I commenced in driving my baby Toyota to the local window replacement shop (which by the way, I have frequented so much they really should offer me some kind of discount).

While I was pist that my car was broken into, the fact that nothing was stolen actually made me feel somewhat better... BUT THAT FEELING WOULD NOT LAST LONG. As I pulled up into the service driveway of Fernandez Auto Glass, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Where my beloved $80 city sticker should be, was just a sticky imprint staring back at me. That’s when I sat open mouthed and realized those mufuckas took my damn city sticker!!! My city sticker man! Whoever ganked it must have some balls man. I can just picture some thug just sitting there for a good 3 or 4 minutes to carefully remove my sticker in one solid piece with his razor - with a precision of a surgeon. That takes some patience and a steady hand!

GGRRR!! As I type, I am sending negative energy out to him/them. OOOOOHHH....damn them all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

guess who's back ? back again...

Sorry to all who have been looking for me!! I know that for the last week I have been missing in action, but I have good reasoning...I truly have been so overwhelmed with change that I haven't had time to process it all, let alone write anything down. Even tonight, after I dragged my butt home to do laundry @ 9 p.m., I had to force myself to even boot up my computer to check my ever mounting emails. But, I figured while I'm here, I should really update with some info on the wonderful things that have kept me from my beloved blogging.

1) My new job ROCKS! Because it’s a new branch in Chicago, everything is still coming out of boxes and is in a constant state of chaos. Even my new laptop computer and ultra high tech Nextel blackberry phone have yet to arrive (woe is me...I haven't even had time to check email or to even yahoo chat on the job - I'm going through separation fits daily!!). BUT, I love the people I work with and it feels great to actually have a position where I am actually busy the whole day and people actually need my input on projects. By the time 5 o’ clock hits, I just want to collapse. AHHH! what a feeling.

2) This is a big one. I finally got my puppy on Saturday!! He's sooo cute and devilish- I fell in love with him at first sight really. Unfortunately, when we came and got him, that chubby little behind that earned him the name 'Gordo' was whittled down. Gordo just didn't seem like an appropriate name for him anymore. Because he is only 3 months old and didn’t know his name yet, me & my honey decided to rename him 'Taz' - after the Tasmanian Devil, of course. And If you have ever met my Taz, you would know what a smart & sneaky little devil he is - 'Taz' is absolutely a perfect name.

Having a puppy is harder work than I thought - it's just like having a kid in every way. Between walking him, bathing him, and making sure he doesn't eat or get into anything crazy, my head is swirling. He is so curious & loves to get into everything. We tell him "NO" and "HEY!" so often in fact, it's amazing that he doesn't think one of them is his name. Even though he's pretty potty trained already, he does still have his accidents. Just like a baby, he sleeps soo much and when he's not sleeping, he wants our attention at every moment. I swear he even gets cranky & jealous sometimes when me & my man cuddle. His eyes beg "cuddle me instead! MEEE!!"

My taz has made me laugh countless of times to the point of tearing -he’s such a character for real. And I swear he is a pimp. We took him to the lake on Sunday and almost everyone that strolled by had to stop to pet him. :) I will undoubtedly post some of the many pics I have taken on my pup, so stay posted.

3) DISCLAIMER: To all the relationship hating people out there, you can just skip this section. You have been warned.

As you know, my man started working the late night shift this week...and while he is totally loving his new gig, I am sitting here lonely night after night (exhausted, yet restless). I know its sounds soo damn corny (and I am almost ashamed to admit this to strangers), but I have such a hard time falling asleep without talking to him on the phone or feeling him next to me. For practically every night over 2 years, he has been the last person I talk to, cuddle with, etc as I drift off to dreamworld. And truthfully, I miss our late night talks that last through the night only ending until one of us falls asleep.

ha. Love is so damn nauseating...

Well, it's time to put my last load in the dryer and try to get a good nights sleep. Maybe I will try to meditate tonight.

I'm exhausted and have to be at work tomorrow 1/2 an hour earlier than usual. Good night to all. Peace & love.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I'm sooo orally fixated

Going through my desk drawers here at the office, I came across a graveyard of chewed up pens, markers, and pencils - all gnawed to indistinguishable lengths. Pretty gross, eh? Someone help me, I can't keep my mouth to myself!!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

resume rant

My email box is still being flooded with potential applicants to fulfill my job when I am gone. Whilst looking at a few in particular (I am not naming any names), I can't help but feel a tad bit irritated. With for-shit resumes and cover letters like that, it's no wonder while these people are out of a job. Some email with no cover letter, some just cut and paste their resume in the email in such a way everything is jumbled (so bad I think I need a decoder ring), and half of them cannot spell a word to save their life.

Instead of intensely reading every little line as I did when I started looking at the candidates last week, I have become more particular what I even bother try to read. My guideline is as follows: if looking at it gives me a headache, into the basura it goes ('basura' means garbage is Spanish). The worst to me was this lady who had everything going for her, but fucked it all up when I went to call her. She sent me a wonderful resume detailing all the key points I was looking for (complete with references), but no cover letter, and absolutely no contact information whatsoever on her resume. What type of shit is that? How can you send a resume without a phone number or address on it? I sit here scratching my head trying to grasp what type of moron she must indeed be.

Reading all this horribly written English really is making me cranky. I am really anal when it comes to writing and reading the English language. Needless to say, seeing it butchered like that makes me feel very cynical. I feel like anonymously emailing these idiots with tips for their resume: LIKE "For future reference, use spell check before sending your resume to a potential employer. Enclosed are my recommendations. Please note that all misspelled words are highlighted in red and all grammatical errors are highlighted in blue." or "Next time you send a resume out, please don't be a complete idiot! Make sure there is a way to contact you on your resume that doesn't include hiring a private eye to track you down. Thanks and have a great day!"

AHH! It feels good to be cynical. Mwaahahahaha (evil laugh).

Monday, August 02, 2004

millenium park pictures

me and the bean

This weekend, after a long and EXHAUSTING day of shopping downtown for new career outfits, me & my honey went to Millennium Park. While it was pretty cool, it damn sure wasn't worth the $445 million it cost to make it. If you want, take a look at some of the pics we took here.

mi gordito...

my little gordito...ain't he cute?

Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE ANIMALS...especailly dogs. BUT, Because of a deprived childhood, I have never had the joy of owning one. Therefore, I plan on adopting one as soon as I move into my house. LOoking around, I found a cutie named Gordo (meaning 'chubby' in spanish). Just one look into his eyes and my heart went soft. This weekend, if and when I close, I am going to visit and adopt this hybrid chow chow named Gordo. He's about 12 weeks old and already potty trained. Plus, just like me, he got some junk in the trunk!!! Ain't he just the cutest?

look at the ba dunk-a-dunk on that puppy :O Posted by Hello