Monday, August 29, 2005

if you ever need a reminder of how lucky you really are...

I suggest you check out the documentary Born Into Brothels right now!!!

first times make the world go round

My mom used to say there's a first time for everything. So many in fact, that we spend almost our entire lives experiencing a portion of life for the first time. I never really thought about it much until this past year, at 26 years of age, finding myself doing and experiencing things for the first time in my life (most of them are hard knock lessons, but nonetheless important). Rooting from this, here are a few of my most memorable firsts:

My first crush: While in preschool, I had the hugest crush a lil white boy by the name of Tommy. I still remember, he had green eyes, a beautiful smile, and he used to give me his cookies in return for holding my hand. We used to go everywhere together.

My first concert: My first concert was with my best friend in 6th grade. We went to go see New Kids on the Block. I know, I know..they suck ass, but what can I say? I know I wasn't the only one in love with Jordan Knight's gay ass!!!! Needless to say, my taste in music since then has improved immensely.

My first slow dance: I was about 11 years old when my brother graduated junior high. He had the hugest party ever, filled with family members and friends. I remember this night like it was yesterday because I had such a kick ass time and we all danced the night away. Quite early into the night, a boy by the name of Jose asked me to dance. It was "if you don't know me by now" by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. I felt like I was in a movie!!!

My first kiss: My first real kiss was with above said boy in a game of truth or dare. It was quite grand, end of story.

My first day in a public school: I was in 2nd grade and was scared shitless of all the kids, which seemed to tower over me (I have always been petite). While walking to lunch, a HUGE FAT boy pushed me into the cement and stole my strawberry shortcake lunch box. I was traumatized.

My first car: My first car is still the car I drive today. It's a dark blue 1996 toyota corolla with a spoiler. Unfortunately, I just had my first (and hopefully last) accident with it last week, and its in the shop as I type, but I digress.

My first brush with racisim: Me & my brother went to get our haircuts at the local Great Clips (it might have been Hair Cuttery, who knows?). I must have been 5 or 6 years old and for some reason beyond my understanding, the lady wouldn't serve us. We waited for over an hour while everyone else came and went about their happy little lives. I didn't know at the time, but it was because we were brown and the two ladies behind the counter were some ignorant white hicks who wanted nothing to do with touching some nappy ass hair on a lil brown girls head. My brother, god bless his little heart at 9 years old, told them off before we left. When he explained it to me what had happened, my jaw must have dropped. That day forever changed my worldview, made me question the color of my skin, and left a permanent scar on my brain.

My first gig: I worked at Kiddieland, a local amusement park in Chicago which catered to the little toddler and small children population. For half of the summer I made cotton candy in a steaming hot little 12X12 shack and the other half of the summer swept the entire park out with a broom and a standing dustpan. After a full shift of making cotton candy, I used to come out looking like the pink abominable snowgirl. The cotton candy would get everywhere: in my hair, my clothes, and other orifices that boggled the mind as to how they got there. It would take me a full 15 minutes of rinsing in the shower to stop seeing the pink. And to think: I actually used to love cotton candy when I was little, but after that summer, I can barely stand the sight of it.

My first sexual experience: To preserve the integrity (and sex life) of a certain individual, he shall remain nameless. I was in high school, and he was in college. All I can truthfully remember from this horrid experience is MTV playing in the background and feeling like sex was kinda like that time my aunts dog tried humping my leg. It was, OH SO, boring and over in less than one music video's length. OUCH!!! In retrospect, I now know what a bad decision that really was and how BADLY he sucked in bed.

My first apartment: My first apartment is actually my first house, where I now own and live. I moved into it in the later part of last year. It took me a long while to move out of my parents' house: with school, work, and saving for the past few years. God knows I wanted to move out a lot earlier in life, but my own stubborn ness would not let me pay someone else mortgage. And truthfully, my parents weren't so hard to tolerate so living with them wasn't as hard for me as it was for some. So, here I am today, a homeowner, with tenants and everything. I feel so grown up!!

Ok, that's enough of my firsts. What memorable ones do you have ?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

how sneezing can kill you

Yesterday my allergies were hell. So bad, in fact, that I went through a whole roll of tissue paper while at work during a 5 hour period. Red nose and all, I took my tired butt home a lil early to try to sleep it off. If you suffer from allergies or know someone who does, you know when you have it bad, it's BAD. Well, I had it BAD!!! The only consolation I had was some sleep inducing medication.

Anyway, in the midst of one of my sneezing fits (probably about the 3rd or 4th straight sneeze), the lady in front of me suddenly stops and BOOM!!! I hit her HARD. I got out of the car still sneezing. My eyes, already watery due to my allergies, were fighting OH SO hard not to start crying after seeing the whole front of my beautiful car smashed in.

I just couldn't compute it all. It happened too fast. Before I knew it, we had exchanged everything and I was just sitting in my car for a good 10 minutes trying to calm myself down. All I could do is just go home and sleep, my car's front grill hanging off and everything.

I woke in the morning hoping it was all a dream...but alas, my shit is still jacked up.

I am trying to stay positive amidst all this shit going on in my life, most of it which I can't talk about on here. BUT DAMN!!! It's kind of hard when all I smell is shit and I'm about neck deep in it.

Somebody send me a little positive energy....please ?!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

just a freestyle piece

Today may be not what I dreamed
and it seems
my future will continue to be full of hardships,
lined in tears and the desperate biting of lips
I must come to the realization that
tomorrow may not flip the past
instead I see the future everlast in familiar cycles of self doubt
which tends to clout
all my decisions
subliminally erasing my original mission
to be all I can be & to love myself

the question remains
will I be woman enough to be my own hero ?
I feel superwoman and wonderwoman wrapped under my skin.
Are they waiting for this moment in time to unleash my true essence -
just needing this time to teach me hard knock lessons??
Confession: Lately I find myself
self doubting no more because I had the balls to implore myself
massaging pieces of my soul back to life
slowly healing the strife
sadness, tears, and fear obliterate
while they float into outer space
and I shall be saved from the old me
the one plagued with insecurities
and you shall see
they shall name a hero after me
and her name shall be CHICA EXCELENTE

Friday, August 19, 2005

the time has come to get real

I don't know about you, but I'm just so sick and tired of seeing these anorexic looking things on my TV screen and in all the magazine ads every day. In my opinion, they are twisted, unrealistic, and unhealthy representations of what society urges women to be. They glorify starving yourself (at least on some degree) and urge women to somehow change who they are to conform to those norms. However, recent ads by major companies are slowing changing that. And that, my friends, is like a fresh breath of fresh air to me.

Can I just start off by saying that I ABSOLUTELY love what Dove has done recently to represent women out there? REAL women which actually have meat on their bones appearing on the side of buses and in subway posters boldly showing off their tattoos and NON size 0 bodies has started a revolution I hope never goes away. It appears that now Nike has jumped on the bandwagon, launching a new ad campaign which celebrates and empowers the bodies of muscular/curvy women who love to work out.

While some of the pictures, I reckon, are not geared towards their target market: extremely active women, I think that the campaign is in the right direction. For example, the picture below of a booty posing in spandex shorts will probably cause a few drool inducing stares by passing men. But, on the same token, who really cares what men get out of it? Its the everyday women that these campaigns call to who really will be positively affected. And those companies smart enough to join in the revolution will see their profits sky rocket, because they in fact have found the key to pitching to all the independent and strong woman in the country.

HMMM...Can it be that these skinny twigs on TV and in print ads will soon have to start actually eating (and not throwing up for a change) to keep their modeling jobs? OH MY!!!

example of Nike's new marketing campaign

Thursday, August 18, 2005

i feel like i'm in a geico commercial...

except its for Allstate Insurance.

Everyone at work is like "why are you so happy today?!!"
All I can say is "I just saved $1,300 on my homeowners insurance!!!"
Them : "wow!!! For real?"

After a week and a half of shopping around for 2 homeowner policies to replace my current ridiculously expensive ones, I found the perfect ones which saved me a total of $1,300 a year on my homeowners insurance - with all the same coverage amounts to boot! Needless to say, I'm feeling PRETTY DARN GOOD! So good in fact, I think I may partake in a little drinking tonight...ok, maybe not a little, but a hell of a lot!!!! Hey! I deserve it, I almost saved a mortgage payment today.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

so funny I swallowed my gum...

Has anyone else been watching The Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central? He is HILARIOUS!!! I imagine he's Comedy Central's attempt to fill Dave Chappell's void, and in my opinion, doing a great job at it. Hah, a Latino Dave Chappell, I like it!!! I must day he is slowly becoming a favorite Show of mine. I must warn, hes not for the faint of heart, though.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

what do you call your boobies ?

My Boobies' Names Are: Mork and Mindy - HAHAHAHA!!

From this day forth, Mike shall address them by saying "Nanu Nanu"!

I got this link from erinblog and just had to pass it on.

staying alive

Sorry for the lack of posts lately ya'll, but dragonflypurity has been BUSY with life and, really, I'm just trying to catch my breath. I hope you all are doing well, I really do.

15 second recap

Work has been HELL - imagine 12 hour training sessions overfilled with improv simulations of principal meetings, PTA meetings, and student assemblies... Now multiply that by - oh lets just say a week and a half and you will be where I am now. sigh and yawn

In other news, my personal life has been great whilst I enjoy the last tid bits of the summer sun. In chicago, the mornings and afternoons have been a lil too chilly for my tropical behind.

My basement is coming out BEAUTIFUL and I have a prospective tenant already lined up. Even better, a MUCH NEEDED raise is in sight in the near future (can you say "more money, more money, more money" ?) But, at least for now, I'M BROKE: meaning --> my current budget is in deficit (much like W. Bush's budget) - nonetheless, I know its not permanent. I try not to get all worked up about my financial situation because I am known to be a drama queen at times.

Overall, I'm happy with life and eagerly awaiting my vacation time at the end of the month.

I promise to post something a lil more inventive and heartfelt soon!! Til then, peace and love!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

hiroshima remembered....

Its been 60 years since that tragic day. Lets all take a few moments of silence for the 140,000 people which were killed in the Hiroshima bomb

the tombstones of the unknown victims of the attack - located in mitaki temple

dave..say it ain't so!!!

I have been waiting almost a year for the Dave Chappelle show to return to Comedy Central, only to have it being pushed back again and again. Now it appears that one of my favorite shows of all time is gone forever (gasp). Over: Done: Just stick a fork in it. If you haven't heard yet: word comes from Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother and long time comedy favorite on the Dave Chappelle Show, that it is definitely over.

Not only was Dave hilarious & always testing the boundaries of controversy vs. acceptance, the brotha was one of the most famous and successful hip hops proponents on tv. And, I'm not just talking about representing played-out wannabe artists like 50 cent or some shit. No, Dave was into the intelligent, thought provoking, and booty shaking music that really shows the hip hop roots I fell in love with so many years ago. Artists like Wyclef Jean, Mos Def, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Common, The Roots, Erykah Badu.

I guess all great things must come to an end. I just hope that he can find happiness someplace else on tv, whether it be standup or another show. Good luck in whatever you pursue DAVE!!!!

SIGH: I still can't believe it:
no more Tyrone Biggums "I smoke rocks!!!"
no more rick james "I'm Rick James Bitch!!"
no more bush disses "MARS, Bitches!!"
even more funny: no more r kelly disses like the "piss on you remix"
and no more of my favorite skit of all time: "knee high park" (the sesame street skit) - "I beat my dick like it owes me $$$"

If you haven't seen that last skit (kneehigh park)...please click here for a clip and get ready to LAUGH...once there, just click "watch"

friday madness

For those who were starting to get worried about my sanity, don't call the psycho ward just yet!! I am doing alot better. Mostly because It's Friday and I am already on weekend mode, but also because I had some time to just breathe, relax, and say "fuck the world, I'm going to be happy despite it all!!" Matter fact, besides the little bit of work I got on my desk, I'm absolutely in love with life today. There are only 3 of us in the office and work is slow and coming. So til quitting time, it's just me, my green tea, and my ipod mini floating around the office.

Keeping with the positive vibes of the day, here's a list of things that made my life bearable this week :

~ My garden apartment rehab is looking awesome. I promise to take pictures of the transformation!!

~ Can you say, YOGA?!! Who would have thought shoulderstands and inverse poses would be so empowering ?

~ Chicago temperatures have been steadily dropping. Thank god it doesn't feel like I live in the "Death Valley" anymore. AMEN!!!

~ Getting lost in this book: Strangers on a Train

~ Smoking a whole pack of cigarettes (with minimal amount of guilt). -YEAH, I know, I know, I am supposed to be not smoking...but there's always tomorrow!!

~ 3 words: Hacker Pschorr Wiesse

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Don't even get me started on why I think this is the most beautiful ad I've ever seen

I know theres a happy side in me
Lurking - just waiting to unleash
I see her from time to time
in fleeting laughs
and half turned smiles
Amidst turmoil and grief she survives
hoping yet again
tomorrow will be better than today

i hope you all had a better day than i did

It's been one of those days. Lets just put it this way - it started off by me finding out that my front windshield on my car was busted. Some thugs busted up the windshields of about 20 cars down my street...I've never seen anything like that in my life. It was crazy!!!

I had to shell out $150 dollars for a replacement this morning. At least they were able to salvage my newly brought city sticker.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the most fitting quote ever

I updated the tea cup wisdom quote on my page. It seems to hit home pretty hard nowadays for me. For those curious of its origins, it's taken from a Common song named "Real People" - from his new cd title "Be"

TEA CUP WISDOM --> "knowing when I'm weak is when I'm really being strong"

How true it is!! How true it is!!

singing the "no money" blues

I just paid my first round of bills and realized that I am already $400 in deficit from my budget for the month. OH LORD HAVE MERCY!! Why you ask? Well: Not only is the remodeling of my basement draining me financially, but (SURPRISE) my water bill was due today AND my energy bill was astronomical thanks to the recent heat wave in chicago and my need to have air conditioning on - even when I am not home so my dog doesn't die of heat stroke while I'm at work.

Needless to say, I am rounding up my strong 'bout of depression by listening to songs like:

~ "HURT" (NIN)
~ "King of Sorrow" (Sade)
~ "I'm a Bitch" (Meredith Brooks)
~ "I'm Going Down" (Mary J.)
~ "Iris" (Goo Goo Dolls)

On the bright side, the office is all but DEAD this week. Meaning, while all the big bosses are gone, the rest of us can play. Well, not really play, but at least leave work a lil early. YEHAW!!!

For those who are wondering, I did slip up and smoke a little something this weekend (damn!!). But I am back on track, using the patch, chewing lots of gum, and drinking cupful after cupful Tropical Green Tea from Might Leaf Tea Company.

Monday, August 01, 2005


As of lately, I seemed to have lacked my muse. So instead of some long, witty post, I shall swipe this personalized test from BEATS and RANTS 2.2: The Best Places to Live(via Real Estate Journal).

Looking at both his & my results, all I can think is: either we are alot alike, or the test has a predisposition to place Boston, San Francisco, and Long Island at the top.

1 100 Boston, MA-NH-ME 3,263,060
2 95 San Francisco, CA 1,655,454
3 93 Long Island, NY 2,660,285
4 90 Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV 4,563,123
5 87 New York, NY 8,643,437
6 83 Chicago, IL 7,733,876
7 81 Pittsburgh, PA 2,379,411
8 81 Bergen-Passaic, NJ 1,311,331
9 81 Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon, NJ 1,091,097
10 80 Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI 2,765,116
11 80 Rochester, MN 113,182

What does your say ?