Thursday, October 13, 2005

wanted: free time & complete thoughts

I am so busy nowadays I can barely complete coherent thoughts or sentences

Thought 1: I am TOTALLY loving my birthday present from the bf. The ITrip (pictured below), plays your ipod through any device with an FM reception. Needless to say, I have been BuMpiNg in the car while driving, at home while working out or cooking, and here at the office. My ipod has become as much a part of me as my left foot -playing what I like to call "Dragonfly Radio" 24 hours a day. The only drawback? It drains the battery fast. But, with a car charger, I will be straight.

Thought 2: I should have known that my generous raise came at a steep price: the recent 12 hour shifts and massive amount of projects being thrown at me at once makes me wish I would've fought for even more money.

Thought 3: I can't believe the White Sox won last night the way they did. Did anybody see that bogus call? Now, I don't hate against ANY Chicago team (it's all love with me). BUT, that call was obviously flawed. I actually caught the last few minutes of the game last night when I was searching for the Simpsons on Fox.
Oh well...what's left to say except "GO CHICAGO!!!! KICK SOME ANGELS ASS!!"


Mickey Glitter said...


Kick some Angels' ass?

I think you might just get your wish, girl!

Dammit. I love my Angels!!

dragonflypurity said...

you have to admit one thing - it's been a very interesting & exciting series so far. I've been glued to the tv all week watching them!!