Friday, November 09, 2007

busy as a bee

Again, I can't believe how time has flown right on by since my last post. Life has been hectic and much to my surprise, weeks have gone by feeling like mere minutes. Can it already be November ? OH MY!

Some of the things that yours truly has been up to:

Since my school books seem to be the only thing I have time to open, I have found myself enjoying books audibly on my ipod at rapid rates on my daily commute to and from work. The last have been:

  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl - I swear, people were staring at me like I was a crazy ass because I couldn't help but cry during the last chapter during my morning commute. Even though I knew what was coming, this story never fails to touch my heart and soul.
  • Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems - After watching the Dog Whisperer on Cable I felt compelled to read this book and see what the guru had to say about helping my crazy ass Taz. Needless to say this book was a very informative guide to understanding my hyperactive, headstrong mutt. I'm still struggling to be his pack leader, but am trying. I have to add: on a side note, that I think Mr. Milan's Latino accent is very sexy so listening to this book was especially captivating. Hee hee.
  • The Secret - This was the most disappointing selection of the bunch. So disappointing in fact, that I didn't even finish it. Usually, I'm not really into self-help books, and this was no exception. However, I have heard a lot of hype on the book so I figured I would see what all the excitement was about. The central premise of the book was that positive thinking makes all the difference in getting the things in life. If you think you have something, and truly believe you do, lo and behold: the universe gives it to you. While I wholeheartedly agree that positive thinking is a powerful and necessary component to happiness, I just think its absurd and STUPID to "think" your way thin or rich. It just can't be done. IT takes hard work for many people and this book just ignores that fact. Instead of focusing on the books negatives, I will say that it did remind me that a little positive thinking can go a long way and to NEVER say NEVER...

Also keeping me busy of course, is school. I am happy to report that next week is my statistics final. And after I finish that horrid test and final lab, I will be class free until January of next year. Needless to say, after the final I will commence a lovely celebration laced with tequila and dancing with a few classmates. Hee hee.

In other fronts, my slipped disk is somewhat improving though sometimes I fear my back will never be the same. I definitely need to start focusing on working out again on a regular basis to ensure that my back and stomach is strengthened and stays that way. Hopefully, my workouts, coupled with this wonderful contraption, and a little more TLC from physical therapy and I will be 100% again.

During the course of the year, I have also fell more in love with knitting. Through time, TLC and lots of patience, as each project evolves, it somehow retains a piece of me with it and I truly do fall in love with each project I take on. When I do give out something I made with my hands, I do it with pride. I'm so addicted that I even started a knitting diary where I attach a swatch of my work to the pattern instructions and make a photocopy of a portion of the actual work. This way, I can always reference back something I have done in the past. Currently, I have 3 knitting projects I am working on. Two of them are x-mas gifts and one is FOR ME! I am currently working a grey Chevron scarf for my brother, a tan-ish brown checkerboard scarf for my sister-in-law, and a pair of fun lavender socks for me. After working on the baby blanket for so long, the scarfs are simply a cakewalk for me. I could be doing them in my sleep and should be done with them in no time.

I am also patiently waiting for the next 5 weeks to be over so I can indulge in 2.5 weeks of vacation. I am so looking forward to de-programming, sleeping in, and just enjoying life as much as possible. What a way to ring in the new year!

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