Sunday, April 06, 2008

it was a lovely day!

This weekend was utter bliss: it was sunny, in the mid to upper 60's and perfect in every way. It's about time! Chicago's winter has been long and brutal and I felt deprived of all sun and warmth. I had to get out and enjoy being alive.

This afternoon - Mike, the mutt, and I walked through Humboldt Park as I snapped the below pictures. This is just a sample of over 75 pictures I took...each which has it's own story. They are a portion of my final research project in Urban Sociology, where we have to research a Chicago neighborhood's social/economic state and observe how residents use public space. Obviously, my neighborhood of interest is Humboldt Park, where I spent large chunks of my childhood. It was a beautiful 2 hours, where I got to meet many interesting people!


Mexirican said...

Cool pictures. I always feel like Chicagoland is the motherland even though I left when I was 4. Everything makes sense there. I get more latina, more hips, more boobs, more attitude.

I always wonder what my life would have been if I would have grown up in Chicago and not in Texas.

ms. purity said...

Thanks chica for the compliement on the pics. I will definetely be taking many more of the area which I'm sure I will post soon.

I know what you mean about chicago. I consider Humbodlt park my second home and living here is second to none.

What ever happened to you coming into town a few weeks ago? I was looking forward to it.