Thursday, September 23, 2004

theres a first time for everything...

This is the first time in the last month and half that I have had an opportunity to slack at work. I actually have time to blog...yippie!!!!

Now, I SHOULD be working on school mailings, or whittling down the mountains of paperwork surrounding my laptop on my desk, or even attempting to file, call back everyone on my voicemail, or even clear off my desk...but who cares? I insist on being the bum I deserve to be after busting my ass nonstop...ahh...wonderful.

While discussing work, I have inadvertently, become the office dj: playing mixtures of trip hop, mellow grooves, hip hop, and dance music to liven this place up and help pass away the hours of labor. Sometimes its the only thing that holds on to my sanity. As I type, Bob Marley is crooning away "mellow mood".

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