Tuesday, March 08, 2005

recentering dragonflypurity

mmmm mmm good

When times get rough for me, to clear my head I enjoy baking, cooking, and cleaning until all my worries, anger, or sadness simply melt away. In the past, I used to drive for many miles at a time aimlessly too, but with the cost of gas so high in the Midwest nowadays, and more importantly, my newfound freedom I have found in living on my own, I can get my head right with other means....mainly by being the mexirican betty crocker!!

Needless to say (as you can imagine from my last few posts), I have been doing a hell of alot of baking, cooking, and cleaning the last few weeks. Over the course of the last week alone, I have made pernil for some family members (see picture above), baked a homemade apple pie, roasted chicken with lime, lemon & pepper - just to name a few. And unlike most people my age- rather that getting my groove or party on- I spent my Saturday night on my hands and knees scrubbing clean my self cleaning stove until it shined like a star.

On a side note - what the hell are those self cleaning stoves even for if they fail to even clean themselves as stated? I tried on several occasions to use mine - which wasn't incredibly dirty or crusty to begin with -to no avail. In my opinion, it's a useless feature which we pay top dollar for only to have the use that fumy stove cleaner spray anyways, wait 2 hours, and scrub til your hands get those deep wrinkles in them for being wet too long…just like the other non-self cleaning stoves.

hmmm...just a thought...

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