Tuesday, July 19, 2005

t minus 5 days and counting...

Sunday July 24th will be doomsday for my former self (meaning ->present me). It's on that very day that I will cease smoking and become a non smoker. It's time. My body is feeling it after all these years (over ten years off & on - mostly on). I have tried many times to do it, but this time is different. For one, I have been planning it for months and mentally preparing more & more as each day passes. I gave myself until that date to say goodbye to killing myself. Secondly, have you noticed but cigarette have crack prices attached to them? The tobacco companies are glorified drug pushers.

But I am digressing...so bear with me. I still remember my first time smoking. Me & my papi had gotten into an argument; he put me on punishment. While he was getting ready for work, I stole one of his cigarettes: a True brand cigarette. I remember smoking it in my room and how I instantly fell in love with the feel of smoke coming out of my mouth. The rest is history. One cig stolen from papi turned into three, to somehow getting it under the table, to buying it legally.

It's funny, but I have hid this part of myself from my family for years (specially since abuelito died from emphysema and cancer due to smoking).

But aside from all that, I am tired of living this livestyle. Ya know ? Some may ask, and often do, why that date? Well, its my 3 year anniversary with my kick ass bf. Kinda cheesy yeah, but to me it made perfect sense: its kinda symbolic of what I decided to live for. Wish me luck!!

P.S. I apologize in advance to anyone I may appear bitchy to in the coming months, that includes all my readers!! It's my withdrawals talking, not me !!


Normies said...

Congradulations on the new commitment,
much luck. Ill make sure to stay out of your way when your cranky hehe =)

Mickey Glitter said...

Best of luck! I'm due to cash it in, as well. I promised myself I'd quit when Smudge was born and guess what? She's here and I have to keep my promise. I want to be around when she gets ready for that first tattoo or piercing because I want to take her to the tat parlor! =)

dragonflypurity said...

Thanks for the support guys. Now that it's getting down to the wire, I'm starting to get the shakes just thinking about it. In the meanwhile, I am a chimney. I figure if I'm finna quit anyway, I might as well go out in style !!!