Thursday, August 19, 2004

life is a vampire...

Life's been so hectic, I feel like a vampire has drained me of all energy. Between working 10 hour days and taking care of the baby dog in my spare time so my honey can take a nap before his second job, I haven’t even got laid !! I will skip the gruesome details of my withdrawal symptoms and the occasional bitch coming out at me due to lack of the constant supply of loving. Suffice to say that I'm a born again virgin!!!

On the job front - life is great (despite the long and grueling hours). I love my coworkers, I love the purpose of the company and I love the fact that my hard work is the beginning of what will definitely make a difference in the lives of the inner city children of Chitown. Its such a breath of fresh air from Marketing I.T. In fact, I am leaving on my first out of town business trip on Sept. 7 to Dallas TX for software training. I'm all geeked to see Dallas, even if its just for a few hours. Its the day after Labor day so I don't know the logistics of the trip just yet (I just found out less than 2 hours ago). Look forward to lots of pics (I hope)!!!

My new doggie is a terror, even though he’s so damn cute. He's a stubborn and viscous little thing, barking and biting on his bad days and sleeping and being calm on his good days (kinda like me...just more of an animal). hee hee. Even though he is a handful now, I am truly hoping that he grows out of his fits sooner or later. Actually, this coming Saturday I am taking him to his doggie obedience school orientation, which hopefully will help. JUST IN CASE THERE ARE DOG LOVERS OR EXPERTS OUT THERE READING THIS: Does anyone know how to train a puppy not to bite? I know he is still kinda teething, but its pretty painful with his long ass teeth. We are trying the "OUCH!!" approach, screaming OOOUUCHHH" whenever he bites to show how he hurt us, then slowly walk away and show him no attention for like 5 minutes. We also tried gently hitting him on the nose whenever he bites. I even tried not giving him attention at all when he gets like that, but he's as stubborn and hard headed as I am. As I type, he’s nibbling on the sofa....blah. Lets just throw him a teething toy and see if that helps...YEAH! At least a few more minutes of privacy for me.

What else am I missing? Oh yeah. Everyone’s talking about the Olympics...what more can I say about it other than: damn!! I hate the Olympics; its boring, tv monopolizing, and I'm damn well tired of reading and hearing about it everywhere I go. Don't get me wrong, I have mad love for all the talented individuals out there doing their thing, but sitting there agonizing and totally engrossing yourself in every event is just not my thing. In fact, just sitting there for a few minutes watching the games makes me sleepy. BUT, The one thing I did happen to unintentionally catch was the last quarter of the Puerto Rico / USA basketball game over the weekend. During that game, the Boriqua in me came out and I was straight rooting for all the jibaros representing on the floor. I know puerto ricans everywhere were rejoicing just for that one chance to stick it to the man for all the years of injustice bestowed upon them. YEAH!!! I'm such a rebel !

well...i must go. my doggy needs to take a leak and Im not trying to tempt fate and end up spending the rest of my evening mopping the floor. Peace & love.

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