Friday, December 02, 2005

calgon...take me away!!!

I am a slave no longer to my house. Both of my units are FINALLY rented and as of this month forward, I only have to put in $50 towards my mortgage. Oh, what a feeling. I feel like I am floating areound this morning on a cloud of happiness. I feel a flood of relief similar to walking into warmth after being in the freezing cold for an unbearable amount of time. Ahhhh....euphoria

Its like everything in my life is starting to fall into place. After a year of shit steadily raining on me, this past month has brought back my faith in life, myself, and most importantly, in a greater power. Something tells me 2006 is going to be a GREAT year. I can honestly say I can't remember being this happy...ever. LIFE IS GOOD.

On the prospective job front, I got a follow up call from the dream job the day after my last set of interviews. She had a few extra questions and said they were going to start calling my references. Thats always a good sign right ? RIGHT?!!! Everyone keeps telling me that I got it, but I keep reminding myself not to keep my hopes up too high. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but until I get an offer, its still up in the air.

Peace and love everyone. Happy Friday. I wish you all the same type of happiness I am feeling right now.


Mickey Glitter said...

Yay! Go you! w00t w00t!!

erin said...

It's a very good sign. My fingers are staying crossed for you!