Wednesday, May 24, 2006

wedding talk

from left to right: me, madre, brother, new sister in law, papi

Well, Saturday was my brothers wedding and it went off without a hitch (apart from that crazy cop who threatened to tow our limo when we went to take pictures at the Adler Planetarium - but that's another story all-together). What else can I say about the joyous day (which over 200 people attended) except that both the bride and groom were as happy as school kids in love. As for me, I have learned I have developed a LOVE-HATE relationship with standing up in weddings...especially big weddings.

Behold the top 5 pros and cons of standing up in a wedding

created by: dragonflypurity

1. You get the whole up close and personal experience with the happy couple: i.e. seeing the pre- chapel jitters, standing so close to them during the vows you can touch them, and traveling in style in the limo dammit !!!
2. You look damn hot, baby (so hot in fact the boyfriend can't keep his eyes and hands off you)
3. The traditional bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts you get as a thank you for everything
4. Experiencing the feeling of joy, hope, and excitement that only a wedding of someone you love can bring you
5. Did I mention the limo ?

1. A smile needs to be plastered on your face the whole time. In my experience, your cheeks will hurt and will need at least a full day to heal
2. All the damn pictures you need to take...due to the proximity of me & the happy couple, I know there are probably some scary looking pictures out there with me scowling, adjusting my bra area, or just plain looking crazy. Let's just hope they don't circulate the internet on snapfish or something. (Oh well)
3. Do to all the planning, running around, and other responsibilities of being in the wedding party, you really don't have time to actually ENJOY the wedding until it's extremely late at night. And by that time: you are so freakin' tired that your feet are throbbing & all you can think about is slipping into a nice hot bath then some comfy sweatpants
4. Not spending any time with the significant other you want to spend the rest of your life with - which, coincidentally, was not part of the wedding party
5. Between the compounded pain of wearing your shoes and/or dress for a good 18.5 hours AND the hangover you have the day afterward, you feel like somebody just kicked your @ss something fierce

did I miss anything ?!!

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Mickey Glitter said...

For me, it was the swollen ankles because it was the hottest day in mid-Arpil in CT the day my sister got married.

Congrats to the happy couple!