Monday, November 22, 2004

a busy little bee am I

I have been so damn busy the last few weeks my head is spinning like a toy top. Working 70+ hour weeks, working on my house (which, by the way, makes me feel like I'm living in real life "Money Pit") and trying to have some kind of social life, has made me drop weight like I am on the atkins diet on steroids.

On the personal news front, my brother AND my boyfriends sister have just gotten engaged, (all in the same month)! What a strange coincidence huh ? Also, unlike in weeks of past, I did take some much needed personal time the last two weeks for wondrous lovemaking, sleeping somewhat in, and most importantly, a social life.
Among the highlights: eating some kick ass Ethiopian food, hanging out with friends to play pool, and most recently: seeing Def Poetry jam this past saturday with my honey, which had the effect on me that can only be described by the image of giving a hungry ass baby a tit to suck on. Ah, it was heavenly to be amongst so many creative individuals all longing to hear verses and soliloquies humming in the air.

def poetry jam

Last but not least, I might be up for a nice promotion. I have an interview with the big bosses later this afternoon. So wish me luck and send that positive energy, I am going to need it. Ciao.

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