Friday, December 03, 2004

behold..the parking vulture

I am not afraid to admit it (matter of fact I say it quite proud!): I am a vulture when it comes to parking my car.

Every Monday- Friday morning at 8:05 (without fail), I pull my rickety old toyota onto the South 500 block of Green street to patiently await for a parking space to open up. Some days I wait a mere five minutes, while others I have waited up to 30 minutes to land a spot. Why so long you ask? Well, partly because I am too cheap to pay $10 a day to the hornball parking attendant by my office who views himself as a greek god (picture: a short, greek, balding midget with a goatee and a huge sexual drive)....but mostly because I found a good thing!! Now...the 15 people I work with are always looking for parking around our office, most of them failing to find any whatsoever (sometimes taking up to an hour) and ending up having to shell out $50 a week for a space anyhow. BUT I...I scoped out the perfect block, only a block and a half away, lined with 3 condo associations, which of course are all filled with tenants who leave their cozy little condos at the exact time I am looking for parking in the a.m. hours. When I tell people at the offide that I found parking a mere block and a half away (day after day), they ask me where my secret lies. (to which I reply..."I'm V.I.P. BABY!!!") hee hee... they will never get it out of me!!! Unless, of course, they read this, but...nah....

Now that I found my little parking haven, I finally realize my mom was right all those years: patience is SUCH a virtue. Not only do I have the luxury of driving to and from work every day, I can find convenient parking in a very congested area in very close proximity of my job, I do not have to worry about the added expense of public transportation, and to boot, while I wait, I can listen to my jams and catch up on the reading & writing that I have been lacking.

And did I mention? It's Friday and my honey & I just completed one of the bathrooms to my money pit, creating a model-like mosaic masterpiece of blue and white. Things are looking up & life is great!! Ciao.

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