Tuesday, April 05, 2005

workflows of the bored and fabulous

It’s funny how we start each new job off excited to be there; excited to learn/build on new skills, absorb new experiences, and expand your horizons. After all, it feels good to be moving up the food chain in terms of $$ and responsibilities.

I call this the honeymoon phase.

Then, about 8 months to a year down the line, you are sitting at your desk at 11 in the morning on a beautiful sunny day, bored out of your mind, crawling up your cube walls, and already finished with all the mind numbing monotonous crap they call work sitting on your desk.

I call this hell.

This is my life. I either learn at an extreme rapid rate or have an extremely low attention span (maybe Adult ADD?) because I tire of jobs so fast. I’m always looking for that next challenge, that next hill to conquer. However, all I ever seem to find is places where I am left to just master my job and then…nothing.

This phase is the most dangerous, as I am left to my own destructive devices of ebaying, researching whatever crosses my mind, reading, chatting, and blogging. All activities which can get me potentially fired if the asshole boss peeps me…opps…gotta go.

God I need to find something more challenging…either that or get a damn promotion

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Mickey Glitter said...

Oh, my dear. You and me both.