Thursday, June 09, 2005

if your happy and you know it...

Today I am beyond happy. why ?

1. I was on another bustelo high as I whizzed through spreadsheets and meetings today at work. I am happy to say that my job is secure and the prospect of a raise (and maybe a promotion) is high.

2. It's almost the weekend, I have air conditioning in my bedroom (finally) and I'm looking forward to some girly time with some co workers this weekend. This will be the first time in years I have actually been invited to a girly outting! (wow). It's for my friend's 30th birthday and we are going away to her summer cottage, so libations and food will not be in short supply. :)

3. Last but certainly not least, I am planning a freakin vacation for next month! Cancun, here I come!! Let's hope I have the chance to parasail again.

just look at that drunken smile...what an adventurer I am!!


Normies said...

awesome, take me with you!! haha.

Mickey Glitter said...

mmmhhh...BUSTELO! I'm down to one can. Must remedy that ASAP.

Vacation? What for does that word mean?