Friday, June 17, 2005

it's a "doggie day care" FRIDAY

I know I should be focusing on all the new projects I am heading up and all the shit I have to finish before the end of business today, but, instead I'm being lazy & hiding out in my cube. Hee hee...It's Friday and the last thing I want to do is formulate V-lookups and circular references all day in excel. My mind is on cruise control and ready for the weekend...

Instead of working, I'm exited about finding a doggie day care service for my pet for under $20 bucks a day, EN ROUTE to my job! I know what you are thinking...doggie day care?!!! How cheesy, lame, and how spoiled my dog must be. But its quite the opposite. My poor pooch has been extremely neglected lately. Because of me & my bf's hectic schedules of working overtime & school, he has been in his cage for periods that are entirely too long. And when we are home, we are just so exhausted, we can't keep up with the pooch. And its starting to show. He's been acting up more, is sad more, and always wants to run around just to compensate.

And, me. I'm a sucker for him: he's like my baby. Needless to say, I hate leaving him in his cage for longer than 5 hours, but when I leave him out, 1/2 the time I come home to what can only be compared to a national disaster. So, I must cage him for periods up to 8-10 hours at time & its just plain inhumane if you ask me. SO, we are biting the bullet to get him into the day care for 2 days out of the week. and we found the perfect spot, 5 minutes from my job. Not only is it about $10 cheaper than the competition, the best part is: the first day is FREE!!!

Thus, tomorrow we plan on dropping his ass off early in the AM, so we can have a whole "guilt free" day of "quality time" without worrying if he is ok. We plan to stay busy by attending The Taste of Randolph and going to the Museum of Science and Industy to see the Body Worlds exhibit. If we have time, we might pop over the Puerto Rican Parade/Festival to get our dance on...It shall be a day of all days...

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