Thursday, June 02, 2005

i'm loving it!!

Thing's I'm loving nowadays

1. Receiving rental! I can actually afford my mortgage now!
2. Hugging mi perrito lindo
3. The beautiful weather Chicago has been having all week
4. My moms lemon cake...mmm...mmm
5. Watching Season 2 of Dave Chappelle when I should be sleeping
7. Common's new CD "Be", specially this lyric from the song faithful:

"I was rolling around, in my mind it accords
What if God was a Her?
Would I treat her the same?
Would I still be runnin' game on Her?
In what type of ways would I want Her?
Would I want her for her mind
Or her heavnly body
Couldn't be out here bogus
With someone so godly"

hmmm...thats some deep shit!

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