Monday, June 27, 2005

what i love most about career fairs...

I say this at risk that my present employer will somehow find out, but last Thursday I attended a career fair hosted by H A C E -- The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement. I figure a gal's gotta to keep her options open, right?

Needless to say I was a social butterfly, wooing potential employers ranging from Quaker Oats and Bank of America to The Ounce of Prevention Fund and Kaplan. There were a few real good prospects and life was grand.

But, I must admit what excited me more than the potential job leads (because in reality I have a pretty kick ass job) was all the FREE CRAP I got. I got playing cards, a Frisbee, a nifty sports water bottle and tons of free Quaker Oats granola bars (yummy). But, by far the coolest item I scored was from Monsanto, a biochemical/agricultural company. They had what at first sight looked like a corn on the cob candle. But after some short dialogue, I realized it was a mini pop corn system. In essence, you stick the dried out corn on the cob in the bag provided, microwave for 2 minutes and WHAM!!! you have some chemically engineered pop corn, which may or may not be on the cob. How COOL IS THAT!!!???

Ok, ok, its not as cool, as say, me landing a job that makes $60,000 a year, but I must say it was the highlight of my afternoon!!

See bad picture below for visual:

nifty popcorn system

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