Thursday, November 10, 2005

random thought (in denial)

Today while trying not to collapse on the treadmill before I hit my goal of 2.5 miles I thought:

"Because I have short legs does that mean I am burning more calories than this stinking treadmill says? I mean, I know I am running the same distance as a person with legs up to my waist; but theoretically, my legs are so much shorter - making me run twice as fast as people with longer legs just to keep up. Because of this I have to put forth more energy into the movement, making me burning more calories than this damn treadmill says I am! Hell yeah!!! (gasp,ouch,gasp)"

I am CONVINCED that I am burning more calories than that stinking machine says I am!!! Am I crazy or what ?


Ayanna said...

I am a tired old mom (smile) but still like to think I'm cool -- love to read, love to write, and new to the whole "blog scene" and I stumbled across your profile tonight as I am doing a bit of blog surfing before bed. Anyway, I find it oddly amusing that you have written this little section on your treadmill woes, because I, too, go through the exact same thing! Short legs and all. How strange is that? solidarity,

Take care,

Cracked Chancla said...

this is too funny. i can totally relate, i have never trusted those meters.