Monday, November 14, 2005

soy viejita...

It's starting to get pretty cold here in Chicago. Until this past week, it has been surprisingly mild, but alas, there will be no more last minute Indian days of summer for us. And the cold weather is just beginning: I can feel it in my bones.

When huge temperature shifts come around, suddenly my knees, ankles and hands start swelling and throbbing. I have a helluva arthritis problem lemme tell you. Last year it was so bad that I was actually in bed for 2 days in pain - everytime I tried walking I thought my right knee was going to pop out of its socket. I kid you not. While I may only be 27 years young, my body somehow thinks I'm in my 50's. Damn...I knew I should have drank more milk as a child.

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Ayanna said...

Oh my dear, I do understand. I am originally from Chicago (relocated to MN about 17 years ago...)and I go home at least 4 times a year to visit family.

I know Chicago winds can be more than a notion, but, quite honestly, where I live now breaks the record when it comes to bitter cold and blistery painful winter winds. Ouch!

But, as I sit here I can remember working downtown Chicago about 20 years ago, riding the L from the south side, walking down Michigan avenue in thick wool skirts and tights... and doing whatever I could to dodge those mean and unrelenting winds. Yikes! That brings back memories...

Hang in there...Take care of yourself; dress practically, drink plenty of your favorite hot liquids, and think warm thoughts!