Wednesday, January 21, 2004

give yourself a hug today..its send a hug day!

Today is officially "send a hug day"...not because today has any real significance to hugs, but because hallmark & its affiliates want to improve their bottom line. I know that such days are manmade "hallmark" holidays meant to drive the mass public into buying hysteria year yound, yet...I really enjoy learning about these bizarre holidays. And what's wrong with giving hugs out anyway?

Funny enough when I sending my brother a send a hug e-card, I also duly noted that today was also Squirrel Appreciation Day. (nope, I am not jesting!!!) Check it out. HA! HA! Can you say "what the fuck?" (with a look of astonishment and slight terror).

This morning was spent drinking my Mighty Leaf Tropical green tea and spewing out poetry. Here goes a lil of it below. What can I say, Im so bored at work, I gotta pass the time somehow. Let it be said anyone who tries to imitate, infiltrate, and steal my shit will get my wrath. :) Enough said.

Fallen Tears & Shattered Dreams
January 21, 2004

Tears fall for
Words that never meant to be heard
Actions never meant to be done
Looks that may or may not have been there
All Tumbling through my mind
making my own body foreign even from itself

So quickly things turn from day to night
Jumping up to slap me
An unsuspecting love struck victim
in the face
It happened so fast that
I blinked and missed it
Leaving shattered dreams in it wake

There will be No children of yours filling my womb
No more dreams of playing in the park with our perrito, chuleta
As tears rim my eyes
I say a somber goodbye
To Our legs intertwined the whole night through
Night after night
After night
for the rest of our lives

There is so much that has been undone
From words that never meant to be heard
Actions that never meant to be done
And looks that may or not have been there

I sit and contemplate the meaning alone
AS it slowly imparts a dark cloud of deadweight
On my mental state

© K.S. 2004

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