Tuesday, January 20, 2004

WOW! My first attempt at a new blog. WHOO HOOO!!! Hopefully, it wont be like the countless other blogs I have started, posted one or two things on, and got bored with over the ages. Now that I have a SUPER boring corporate job, I find I have soo much time to just write. I might as well write my own lil blog to expel some of that boredom away.

Anyways, about me:
25 years young. mexirican. ghetto intelectual. poetess. extremely nice but if you do me wrong, the puerto rican will reign supreme on you arse. Peace loving. Laughter bringing. Booty hopping. Book worm ( I Love to read, but don't do it enough). Green tea ADDICT (no, i'm not kidding). Tequila Lover. Procrastinator. Lover, fighter, philosopher all wrapped togther. Student of life & lifes lesson.
I know there is soo much more to me that words cannot describe, but for now thats the list.

Its a new year & still hasn't hit me. For some reason, my life seems like a dream, bordering between nightmare mode & those dreams where you dream about something & you wonder what the hell you drank or ate (or what you prehaps saw on tv) that created such distorted images into your life.

Don't get me wrong, my life isn't horrible, but somehow along the way the last few years I somehow found that I have lost sight of all my goals and dreams. OH WHERE DID THEY GO??!! Somehow those dreams have faded away, and suddenly I have no idea what to do with my life. My friend Tony says I am going through a mid life crisis, except I'm only in my 20s!!! Go Figure. SO I have sat down with my pen & pad & started writing down all the things I want to accomplish. Simple things from reading one of my poems in an open mic (I'm an open mic virgin) to saving for my house, to getting my masters degree. NOW..i need a realisitic plan of action.

I wish I wasnt such a libra. Things in my life would be so easier. I am so overanalytical I often times can't decide on things and end up in a state of perpetual stagnation...even for small things. Shit! I remember as a child, when my godfather took me to disneyland and wanted me to pick a stuffed animal to take home as a momento. I swear, I stood there for a good 20 minutes deciding between minnie mouse or goofy. Just when I was leaning towards goofy, my godfather just picked minnie mouse and thats what I got stuck with. I just dont want my life to immitate that!! If I dont get my shit togther and start making decisions...I might miss out on my goofy.


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