Thursday, January 22, 2004

Welcome the year of the green wooden monkey!

Today is the chinese new year...the year of the green wooden monkey. I never really paid much attention to chinese Astrology except for briefly browsing over it at the new star's chinese restaurant (that my fav chinese restuarant) placemats long enough to figure out I was a horse. Being that its the new year & all i was looking around (obviously bored to the point of death at work) and found an interesting site which takes into account not only the year you were born, but also the hour, day. month & location of your birth. COOL!!! Turns out Im a White Cow, born in the year of Brown Horse, equivalent to Metal. According to my lucky element is wood and my lucky color is green. Taking that into consideration (that this year is both green & wooden), maybe this means that this year will present itself better than the last few years. I dunno. But gotta be optimistic, don't I?

By the way...I just added a new feature into my blog: blog back. Now people can comment about things I write about,talk shit to me, shoot the breeze, whatever. I was think i can post questions, random thoughts & people could post back their opinions or answers. I was planning on asking some deep, introspective question to start it off which would make people really think, but as I sit here with my green tea staring at the screen, my minds a blank. So fuck it. Another day another time. In the mean time, Feel free to express ur mind. PAZ

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