Friday, December 10, 2004

why didn't anyone tell me it's decemeber?

I just can't believe it's x-mas time again (where does all this time go ?). With x-mas a mere 2 weeks away, I can't be any less in the x-mas spirit. I haven't even started my x-mas shopping and I got a huge family man (I'm talking tribal proportions)!! I definitely going to have to make some sort of effort to hit the malls this weekend, as I also adopted two 2nd grade needy children for x-mas and have to drop their gifts off at their school by this coming Thursday. Adopting kids for x-mas has become a wonderful and heartfelt dragonflypurity tradition, this being the third consecutive year I have adopted children for x-mas. Anyhow, I was reading their wish list/Santa letter last week and actually had to research what some of it was (cuz being the viejita I am, I had no clue what's hot nowadays).

I mean who REALLY knows what a Yu Gi Oh duel disc looks like that doesn't have shorties?

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