Wednesday, May 25, 2005

hump day's are just more fun

Happy hump day ya'll! It's Wednesday and despite only 4 hours of sleep last night, I am smiling like I just won the lotto (chalk it up to a heaping serving of Bustelo Cafe and a food comatose kicking in).

This morning I ATE GOOD!!! One of my friends/coworkers last day is on Friday, so a few of us met at Wishbone for a delectable breakfast before heading into the office. And "mmm..mmm..good" it was! For those in Chicago, don't sleep on this spot. Their crunchy french toast is heaven sent....mmm mmmm mmm. I will be dreaming about it for the next week it was THAT delicious.

In other news, it looks like my job situation is improving. I just got word that while they are eliminating my position, we will be moved to a newly created position, with more pay and a different title. Things are still a little uneasy here, but the news has lifted the weight off my chest at least a little bit. Due to all the uncertainty about our future, I am still undecided in if I am going to stay or continue looking for another job. I am trying to just go with the wind for now and not let any options pass me by.

Anyhow, Peace, love, and crunchy french toast to you all!!!

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