Tuesday, May 24, 2005

keyword analysis unveiled

Every once in a while, I check out my blog’s stats. When I do, I always get such a trip out of reading my keyword stats. It never ceases to amaze me how people come across my site.

Below are the highlights of the last 24 hours worth of visitors and my initial thoughts about them.

~namaste tattoo (obviously, I'm not the only one with this idea)
~sexual education news clip (hmmm...I still can't remember talking about this EVER on this blog
~yard sale duties template (again...no clue)
~meaning of boriqua (WTF? BORIQUA - Puerto RICAN you genius!!!)
~humor get over an ex (hmm…maybe the syntax came from one of my poems ?)
~sirius blanket weed killer (huh? I dunno but try weed be gone…that’s some good stuff)
~tipping point of the poncho in fashion (ugh...ponchos, let me not even go there today)
~my dog drinks green tea (hee hee...your dog rocks!)
~olive garden sangrias (yum yum...their peach sangria is best)
~win an ipod mini every 30 minutes tricks (wow..when you figure it out, lemme know)
~mtv2 commercials kill the couch (ahhhh….reminiscent of my lazy vacation at home)
~poems of discrimation or racism (yup yup, thats me!!)
~quiznos rat clip ( CORRECTION: they are pygmy marmosets in those commercials!!)
~complex simplicity blog (wow...someone actually came across it on purpose!)
~tattoo namaste (again....tattoo biters!)
~gordito in puerto rican culture (gordito...gordito..)
~garfield hip walkthrough (I have NO clue what the hell that means so next please)
~gloria chen shoes (those are THE MOST uncomfortable…but sexy...shoes I own)
~in this great future you can't forget your past and meaning (I can see this person is not a Bob Marley fan or else he/she wouldn’t even ask that stupid question)
~puerto rican swear words and profanities (look this up, Maricon!!!)
~mp3 charka (hmmm...maybe it was a misspelling on my part ? I think i was trying to say chakra...)
~when does twista's new cd comes out (hell if I know...but go cop Common's new cd...it came out today!)
~cleaning stoves (I still say self cleaning stoves suck ass)
~pygmy marmosets for sale (ahh....the Quizo’s commercial returned)
~puerto rican big pussy (ugh...fucken pervert...go jag off somewhere else!)
~unveiling secret abortion months later (ohhh...as I said, interesting shit here!)
~chinese astrology is bullshit (ok ok...maybe it is, but then again, isn't all astrology?)
~cereal cafe (yum yum...I don't think its opened yet in Chicago...but it reminds me, I gotta check)
~tax cd baby ( cd baby is the most awesome cd store for the underground shit!)
~what does the merengue symbolize (huh?)
~kick ass quote (see tea cup wisdom quote)
~cafe bustelo (again....its the most wonderful coffee on the planet...like heroin I tell you)

That is all...

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Normies said...

those are funny!

My Blog's tittle is LittleNormies and my most common one is "little April" or "little girl porn" AHHH!! BA! not cool. uff.