Wednesday, September 28, 2005

chicken or beef ?

I used to pride myself on my refined culinary ability, but almost a year of exclusively eating my own cooking has left me feeling...well, blah. It's sad but true: I have about maybe a dozen dinners I cook over and over again. And over again...and over again.

I need some inspiration.

Food Network, here I come!!!!


Normies said...


i like watching 30 minn meals with Rachel Ray, although she can get a little sloppy ive seen =/

Mexirican said...

I watch the Food Network almost everyday, whether my boyfriend likes it or not. I really liked Nigella Bites but I don't see her on Style or Food Network.

I am moving soon with a better kitchen so I will go back to my cooking ways. I try to plan my meals each week by looking at recipes that look good. I usually find them in Cooking Light since I like tasty and healthy fare.

dragonflypurity said...

Normies: i like Rachel Ray too. You can tell she really enjoys to cook & EAT (yum). But for the life of me when I tried her 30 min. recipes, it ALWAYS took me longer. lol. Theres no comparison: I chop in slow mtion compared to her.

Mexirican: hmmm....Nigella bites? I never heard of her before. Is she on public access or something? Sometimes I luck out & find a good cooking show on channel 11 or something.

Mickey Glitter said...

Your repetoire is so much greater than mine. I'm in awe and kneeling before you: I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Cooking just ain't my thing, baby, although I have done up a mean pot roast in my time.

Once and only once, though.