Tuesday, September 06, 2005

i am no longer a poet

I am no longer a poet
As I write
soliloquies and poetic scales are being ripped from memory
despite my efforts my pen ceases to write
beautiful lyrics
heartfelt tales
words of meaning and knowledge for the masses
something in me has changed
grown cynical with age
in a way...
I have grown apart from what I held so dear
no longer hopeful for life
my imagination no longer sees rhythm and meaning
between the lines of life
instead I find myself
just taking in the ins & out of life
trying so hard to get by
struggling to put food on the table
attempting to keep my sanity
And as I look back
I see the carcass of the poet which was once me
which once reigned supreme
which once was my guiding light
And all that's left is words
scattered on a page
making as much sense to me...as myself

I am no longer poet
just a gal trying to find her way
And every time I try to write,
I'm more confused than when I started.

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