Monday, May 07, 2007

the baby blanket

There is truly something to be said about creating something with your bare hands. A certain pride that you just can't get from buying that same article from the store. Within the last year, I have gone from learning to knit, to making scarves, to knitting hats. Now I'm starting to challenge myself into more complex projects such as blankets and purses. Who knew I could be so crafty??!!

And, while school has been keeping me busy like no body's business, I still try to find time to knit. My current project is for Mike's sister, who is expecting her first child. Since she decided not to find out the gender of the babe, I opted for a gender neutral light green organic cotton fabric from blue sky alpaca. It's pure ecstasy to work with and so soft I just want to wrap myself up in it from head to toe. I found the basic checker box pattern for the blanket on this lovely blog, though I changed it up just a tad. As of now, I'm about 1/4 through and am damn proud of my work...but I have along way to go.

Wish me luck!!

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Cracked Chancla said...

oooh, nice. good luck!