Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ever find something you wrote a long time ago and even forgot existed?

Uncovered Dec 16, 2003

I need serenity
A place to rest my tired soul
Which throughout my short life has grown so old
My heart, once open & warm is now cold as stone
I say this knowing it’s no one fault but my own
So I package it up in my poems and watch it flow away & pass like an eye of a storm

Create in myself some peace of mind
A moment in time where life’s daily grind can’t confine…my soul
No longer let circumstances and pain take control
Let life’s ebb & flow of emotion just go…away from me
Attempt to let my 3rd eye of self discovery set me free
Meet head on with my destiny
With God’s help I can achieve many things
Not just for myself, but for other human beings

There are so many things that escape my mental grasp
But through knowledge and self loving I know my ignorance will pass
Pick up the remaining broken glass called my life
Never giving up in the fight of self mastery
Find home inside my mind and thorugh my rhymes
That’s when it hit me!
My out of control, tired soul FOUND SERENITY!

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