Friday, June 18, 2004

let the celebration continue...

I feel so blessed as of late (with the new house, new office, and soon to come raise). Things in all aspects of my life have suddenly and drastically taken a turn for the best. Who would have known last week when I was knee deep in my own tears - that there were so many good things in store for me to replace all the negative and sadness that filled me? I guess what my mom says is true: all things work out in the end, one way or another. Thankfully, for me, my tears are over (at least for a while). I will enjoy this dry spell and relish all the things in life that I have been blessed with. I mean, really, I am wearing a smile like 10 times the size of my face today.

SO to celebrate my recent explosion of positivity, last night me & my honey went out for a few drinks at a really romantic tiki bar called Hala Kahiki. Even though we didn't stay long because we were tired and had to go to work this morning, it was a really nice touch. AND, tonight I am looking forward to seeing Brenda K. Starr perform at this years Puerto Rican Festival with a few of my cousins. It should be a night to remember. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain because its an out door concert.

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