Thursday, June 24, 2004

a momentary stress break

The song "Stressed out" by Tribe Called Quest seems to be my theme song nowadays. SO much that for the last few weeks, I have a nagging tension on the entire left side of my shoulder and neck. I have a doctors appt to get it looked into. Til then, I am trying to stay grounded and not let life get me by the 'balls'. Just for this momentary stress break, I am sipping on Mikes Hard Lemonade, which I actually despise and consider piss water, but considering my condition, I will take whatever alcoholic beverage is available.

Of course, most of my stress is coming from the purchase of my soon to be home. I'm so tired of thinking about the house and will be thankful when the closing date is over with (I'm still shooting for July 16th, so I am keeping my fingers crossed). In the meanwhile, between talking on the phone with my realtor, attorney, and broker, I think I have used all my cellular minutes within the last few days. Right now, I am trying to get a credit from the seller for the roofs, which need to be replaced badly. The house was sold in as in condition and I knew it needed some work, but I didn’t think the roof needed attention so soon. I just found out last night during the house inspection (thank god for those things). I wouldn't even mind taking a little more out from the bank to cover some of the costs, but there are some questions on the appraisal amount and getting a loan for that much above the purchase price. It shall be the war of the lawyers to get this straightened out.

Buying a house is a big pain in the ass lemme tell you. But, I know when it's all said and done, I will be pretty much the happiest woman alive. :)

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