Thursday, June 03, 2004

have I mentioned I hate cops ?

My mean streak is showing and I am about to vent all my frustrations here it goes:

I hate to discriminate on any level, bit I swear COPS HATE ME...and truthfully, I don't like them either. In the Chicago suburbs (where I have been working in for the last 3 years) the cops and state troopers are the meanest, most discerning bunch you would ever see. Especially to the likes of me: young looking, a minority, and listening to hip hop music. I once got a ticket for going 23 in a 20 mile zone (but I got that charge reversed-thank god).

Now, I know what you are thinking...this girl got a ticket! Yes, yes I did (a parking ticket). But it was a total lie of a ticket...a sort of sick joke played by Mr. M.R. - the dickhead cop. Get this: he gave me a $120 dollar ticket charging that that my car did not have or did not properly display a city sticker. He must have been on crack or just plain decided to discriminate against my car (maybe due to the fact I have a sticker on the back of my car that told passerbys to do themselves a favor and fuck themselves? -> ha! there’s actually a decent story behind that sticker, but that will be on discussion another day). In any case, its a total falsity of a ticket. I mean, I pay a whopping $80 for that sticker each year, which I proudly display in the appropriate place on my windshield. I will be damned if I have to pay another $120 for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Naturally, being the verbose and opinionated person I am, I wrote the city a nice long letter contesting the ticket AND to file a complaint for the offending officer. It's complete, with pictures of my city sticker and front windshield, a copy of the vehicle city sticker registration card and receipt when I brought the damn thing. I just can’t believe this cop's justification system. The way I figure it, if he falsely persecuted me, he is probably doing it to countless others. As I type I am sending him negative karma...(matter of fact - I hope he develops a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome). Mmwahaha (evil laugh).

I can't believe he's the guy whos supposed to be serving and protecting me. I mean,with his behavior - who needs enemies?

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