Wednesday, June 30, 2004

opening pandoras box

On the political front: I try not to get too politically charged on here because once I start expressing my unsatisfaction with the state of the USA (and the world), it seems to open a Pandora’s box inside me of raw emotion that never seems to disappear. But, I have never been much for holding in my opinions, so here it goes (prepare for a long winded entry):

Supposedly the U.S. returned sovereignty back to Iraq two days before schedule. I can't help but think that its a meaningless political exchange attempting to show the Bush administration in a more favorable light to the world. In essence, they are trying to prove that they keep their promises, and then some. But truthfully...what good does returning power to Iraq if the Iraqi people still live in constant fear of US led attacks and realistically, have no real power over the direction of their government? It's obvious that US troops aren't going anywhere for many more years to come, there will continue to be a surge of US based contractors working there, and more importantly, the Army is recalling thousands of retired servicemen to serve in Iraq. To me, this is not the steps to attempt to achieve peace, but some kind of blinder hiding the fact that nothing realistically has changed from June 27th to June 28th. To the Iraqi people, it was just another day of hell. It’s obvious to me that the Bush administration is still the puppet master in the situation in Iraq and the interim president of Iraq is their lead puppet.

Also, I have not seen Fahrenheit 9/11 , and truthfully, I don't know if I want to. This is primarily because I am not one to really partake in the absorbing of propaganda on any scale, whether it be from the government or any liberal party or individual. Don't get me wrong: I like Michael Moore and know that a lot of the points he gets at in this documentary I will probably agree with. But, I believe I have a pretty good idea what President Bush is full of and have no desire to pay $9 to just further enforce that opinion. I am however happy that someone is publicly addressing the Bush administration and 9/11, and more importantly, that so many people are rushing to go see it. Hopefully, this will sway some of the voters to rethink their ballot choices come November. But, as for me, the modern day hippy militant, I think I will just wait to see Fahrenheit 9/11 when it comes out on DVD.

On the personal front: I feel like crap. After 5 weeks of having an aching shoulder, I finally went to see my doctor yesterday. I found out that the pain I have been experiencing is due to a sprained ligament in my left shoulder. It could take anywhere from a month to three or four months to heal. OUCH! Also, I seem to have to have developed pink eye in my right eye and I am walking around looking like the equivalent of a stoner tripping on some strong shit. Hee hee.

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