Monday, July 05, 2004

too bad all weekends can't be this long

This was one hell of a weekend for me. Since I called in sick on Friday, I had a whopping 4 days of relaxation. Within the last few days, I have kept myself busy: I saw Spiderman 2 at the drive in, slept in every morning, have been to 3 barbeques, went to a block party, made it a blockbuster night, drank massive quantities of alcohol, had a picnic at the lake, and hung out with my honey pretty much non stop. It's been wonderful, but unfortunately, all great things must come to an end. My weekend is winding down as I sit in front of my television watching Pirates of the Caribbean with my mother. Dayum, even all pirated up Johnny Depp is HOT !!

SIGH: My left shoulder is still hurting me like all hell. I smell like an old woman, using ben gay like products as if they were water. I have been taking $50 prescription medicine for meds I just found out were glorified ibuproferin . How messed up is that ? If I would have known that my prescription was just strong Advil, I would have saved my money, taken Aleve and brought something new for my house instead. I mean $50 for some Tylenol ? C'mon now !!! I was talking to my parents, and between them, they pay a whopping $200 a month on prescription meds nowadays (and that's with their shitty insurance). That fact alone make me even ponder if our govt. is even the tad bit concerned about the health of it's citizens. If it goes up any more, too many people won't be able to afford the meds that they so desperately need. It's just lucrative. I remember the days when prescriptions were no more than $25! Damn Bush and his health plan kick backs. It's just so sad. My heart goes out to all the individuals on fixed incomes; it really does.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful independence day weekend and hopefully, you were able to relax just a tad bit before returning to the regular hum drum that is life.

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