Wednesday, July 07, 2004

King Arthur

tell me this girl doesn't kick ass?

My honey & I went to see the sneak preview of King Arthur last night, and as I suspected: the movie was marginal at best, lacking substance and energy. BUT it wasn't all bad; I thought Guinevere's character (played by Keira Knightly from 'Bend it Like Beckham') totally rocked. In my opinion, she was a kick ass woman and Ms. Knightly played the character well. There were a few fighting scenes, and while the last one was very characteristic of epic movies (i.e. boring and predictable), there was a more creative fighting sequence that took place over an ice pond. Overall though, the best part of the whole premiere were the knights rented from Medieval Times which were roaming around the theatre muttering funny phrases such as "HERE YE, HERE YE" and "Greetings, good gentles and ladies".

What can I say? I am easily amused.

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