Friday, July 09, 2004

Random rants..turned politcal

~ Sometimes I feel I have the body & health of an elderly woman. Almost 2 months have gone by & my shoulder and neck still hurt dammit ! I am going to have to go back to the doctor before amputation may be necessary...

~ Heres a cool video clip of spiderman made entirely of Legos.

~ I ran across this website which has a running calculator of the Cost of the Iraqi War. While all the numbers are disturbing, I found the immunization and AIDS numbers the hardest to bear. For the same amount the government has spent on the war, it could have immunized the world’s population of children for 40 years and fully funded the worldwide AIDS program for 12 years. I mean, we could have ensured that 4 generations of children worldwide wouldn't die of preventable illnesses, and instead we chose death.

~ OH NO!!! Terrorists MIGHT attack us before or during the election process, but they have no real information on how or when. Plus, they haven't raised the terror alert from yellow to orange. In essence (and in my opinion) they don't know crap about any planned terrorist attacks and are instead playing political games attempting to propagate fear for votes. They have gotten quite good at it was all over the news.

~ While we are on the subject of the war, 650 brave US soldiers paid the ultimate price for Bush's war. And mysteriously, Bush's questionable military records were destroyed. Hmmm...

~ While I do not support the war, my heart and soul goes out to our troops more than words can ever say. Therefore, I am posting this message in hopes that someone else passes on the love to them. If anybody has any extra gmail accounts, I urge you to consider offering them to soldiers in IRAQ. They could use bigger accounts which allow them to receive pictures, family video, and other large files from home. I just offered the last 3 of mine this morning (the last three which I have been hording for no particular reason at all). I am glad I am able to help them out, even if it is in a small insignificant way as hooking a soldier up with a big email account.

Sorry about all the political talk as of late. While I am political, I don’t let my political opinions dictate all facets of my life and thoughts. But as I said in an earlier post, once I start talking politics, it just all spews out. Enough said.

Oh yeah…happy Friday!!!

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