Thursday, July 15, 2004

thoughts floating like clouds above my head

The whole mortgage process is like sadomasochism. The end of the road is in sight, but til then, I'm being slowly tortured in a sick and demeaning way. I thought the whole mortgage process was over with, but it seems to be the only part of the new home equation that has yet to resolve itself, mostly because my mortgage broker is a complete idiot. There is no way in hell that I am closing tomorrow and my attorney & realtor are breathing down my throat to get it all finalized. I have been trying to get in contact with my broker, but he has yet to return my calls. Can you believe that shit ? I'm trying not to let the Puerto Rican come out, but DAYUM...this brotha is pushing it to the limit.

Yay! The attempt at making gay marriage illegal was unsuccessful, but I know that its just a small victory in the grand scheme of this country. They will undoubtedly try again and again. I dunno about you, but I'm tired of seeing these republican dick wads talk about marriage being this sacred thing between man & woman, when you know in reality a majority of them are probably cheating on their wives. I SMELL BULLSHIT !!!

I am dreaming of swimming in crisp cool water. It's sad but true: It's been forever since I actually went to the beach or to a pool to cool off and unwind. To make it worse, it's been humid as all hell in Chicago lately. You literally walk out of your house and start sweating instantaneously. Thank god for air conditioning here at work.

Last but not least, today was payday! Even though literally every cent is gone already, I splurged on buying the new Roots cd that I have been wanting. I also peeped KRS-One's new cd too, but that will have to wait til next pay period at least. SORRY CHRIS!

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